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Write a summary of each of the articles. Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


Write a summary of each of the articles that you identified in Topic 2.
Address the following:
Write one research summary that uses a quantitative research design.
Write one research summary that uses a qualitative research design.
Each summary should be 250-500 words and should follow the template provided in "Summarize Research Articles."
Use APA Level Heading 2 to separate the distinct parts of the study.


Research Summary
Institutional Affiliation
Research Summary
Assessing Learning Styles of Graduate Entry Nursing Students as a Classroom Research Activity: A quantitative research study
The experiment by Gonzales et al. (2016) aims at investigating the different styles of learning for individuals who enroll in nursing programs at graduate entry. The article was published in the Nursing Education Today Journal in 2016. The descriptive method was incorporated in the quantitative study, whereby a group of students was engaged in the activity by using the Index Learning Style teaching strategy. The group of participants voluntarily participated in the research.
Problem Statement
Several researchers have studied the different styles of learning for students and some of which have highlighted the contrast between baccalaureate and graduate nursing students. There has been a number of studies that have focused on the different styles of learning for students who enroll in baccalaureate nursing programs. However, a few researchers have dwelt on the styles of learning for students in graduate nursing programs. Therefore, the Index Learning Style strategy was used to study the various styles of learning for nursing students at the entry level.

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