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"T-P" & "T-T" Leadership Styles And Job Design Choices (Essay Sample)


Reflect on, "T-P" Leadership Styles, "T-T" Leadership Styles and Job Design Choices. Write a summary including your area of strength and opportunities for growth.





After conducting the “T-P” leadership styles, I got a score of T = 13 and P = 22. This means I got a higher score for Concern for People as compared to Concern for a task. In this assessment, it is evident that my leadership style is focused on empowering and supporting people. I would work to ensure that people have the skills they need to do the tasks required. Further, from these scores, my leadership style is most likely laissez-faire. Laissez-faire is a style of leadership where the leader is often hands-off and allows the group members to make and come up with decisions (Zareen, Razzaq & Mujtaba, 2015). My area of strength is that I believe in people and their capability to do a good job. When selecting or forming teams, I would work with people whom I have confidence in their skills and this means I would have confidence that they would do their tasks appropriately. I believe in giving people the power to make decisions and be accountable for these decisions because they have the skills or they are experts in their work. If they are not experts or skilled, I would expect that as a team, we would help those lagging behind to catch-up. Basically, as a leader who believes in people, I show that I value their contribution to the task they are doing (Rahbi, Khalid & Khan, 2017). One area of improvement would be focusing on being more competitive. This means requiring my team to be the best than the others. I also need to improve on ensuring that I can speak and correct or even warn th

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