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Parenting Styles: Impact To The Adolescents (Essay Sample)


Option #2. Read the following article:
Simons, L. G. & Conger, R. D. (2007). Linking mother–father differences in parenting to a typology of family parenting styles and adolescent outcomes. Journal of Family Issues, 28, 212-241.
It also can be downloaded directly to your computer using the instructions found in Option #1.
This article addressesthe issue of differences in parenting styles between fathers and mothers and what affect that might have on adolescents. Now, equipped with the information about effective parenting styles found in this article, interview a parent of a teenager (not a family member). Ask this parent:
does he or she believe that hormone changes made his or her adolescent behave in peculiar ways.
what did he or she think it would be like to parent an adolescent ….did he or she worry about it?
find out which parenting style the parent believes they use the most.
find out if the parent believes that he or she gets into more or less conflict with his or her adolescent and what kinds of things do they fight about.
Write a report about the article and your discussion with a parent of an adolescent. The report should be around 700 to a 1000 words long (maybe 3 or 4 pages double spaced). Include in your report:
what you thought about the article …. was it hard to read, did it make sense to you, do you think parents use similar or different parenting styles?
what kind of parenting style did the parent think he or she used and how did he or she think it was working?
finally, indicate what impact you think parents have on adolescents, especially the one you interviewed.


Parenting Styles
Institute of Affiliation
Parenting Style
Parenting styles differ from one parent to another, depending on the way they want their children to be brought up. Based on my discussion with various parents and the analysis of Simon and Conger's text on “Linking Mother–Father Differences in Parenting to a Typology of Family Parenting Styles and Adolescent Outcomes” it is clear that children require parenting from both parents. There are some aspects of life that a mother can change in their children and others that can be done well by the father. Additionally, the parenting style of the mother is openly different from that of the father, especially when they are coupled with the responsibility of shaping the behaviors of their children. Parenting is more complicated when the children reach puberty. At that age children feel they are mature and become more active. They have a likelihood of providing other suggestions in contrary to their parents. In the study, parents utilize authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent or uninvolved parenting approach in sharpening up the behaviors of their children. These approaches determine the way a child behaves as most children tend to test their parents in their daily aspects of lives. The report analyses the study, discuss various parenting approaches and the impact of parents to the adolescents.
Considering the aspect of parenting, the article demonstrates various approaches of parenting, particularly based on the literature of Maccoby and Martin (1983). In this regard, two dimensions are employed in classifying various parenting styles; basing on the responsiveness of the parents and the demandingness of the parents. The two dimensions give rise to the four parenting approaches which entail authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent and uninvolved approach. The article is truthful and believable as it points out issues that I found out during my discussion with different parents. The article concluded that children who are brought up by both parents tend to be advantageous compared to those brought up by a single parent. On the aspect of parents handling their children at the adolescent phase, the article expounds on the element with clarity that such children are usually active and tends to think they know a lot than their parents, they, therefore, keep on offering alternative suggestions in contrary to their parents'. I agree with the article that such stage needs parents who are authoritative in order to establish guiding rules to their children and when they go against them are sancti

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