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TERRORISM (Essay Sample)

One page summary/reflection on the attached file. Also, if possible, could you elaborate a question for this particular reading? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! source..

There is rise in terrorism activities across the globe. This habit is on the rise as compared with the yester years. With the enhanced levels in technology, terror activities are currently organized and an efficient and effective ways with such groups having their networks in different countries across the globe. In the article of Kruglanski and Fishman (2009), they try to look at different factors that make people engage in terrorism, the motive and what they aspire to gain at the end. Some of factors that promote individuals to join such groups include economical factors, political, religion and education related factors. The authors further advance that, there exists interdependence on individual, group and organizational process, which determines effectiveness of the terror groups. Initially, there was misleading information that terrorists suffered from psychological problems like being paranoid, which current research indicates that they do not suffer from any psychological disorder. The arguments presented fail to pin point on any single factor as the main motivation to terrorism. Many authors argue that it is only a small portion that engages in terror activities despite oppression or as a way of exhibiting religion supremacy. Further discussion show that, there exist a number of factors, that comes into play to influence one`s tendency to engage in terrorism. Not any factor can work on isolation.
In the article, ideological and personal factors are considered as the main factors that can act as motivating factors into terrorism. These factors range from ; humiliation, exposure to violence, occupation, lack of alternative prospects, modernization, displacement status, poverty, restoration of Islam`s glory to mention but a few. The article further looks on how people are recruited, indoctrinated and how such terror groups manage to sustain their activities. How do they get influence and manage to make the followers be ready to die for their activities and the pleasure they get from the terrorism activities.
The main question in this article is to determine exactly whether psychological factors do really influence one into ...
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