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LOG490 CA4 (Research Paper Sample)

After reading the two articles, and the other articles in the assigned readings, in an essay of 3 to 4 pages, please answer the following questions: Q1. Is a security oriented culture applied to the supply chain just good business? Explain! Q2. What are the benefits of viewing security issues beyond the individual firm? Q3. Why is RFID technology viewed by many to be an important tool in securing a supply chain? Q4. Which of the 10 security competencies discussed in the Closs, Speier, Whipple and Voss article are likely to be the most challenging to implement? Why? Assignment Expectations Expectations for the assignment are concerned with the work displaying a contextual understanding of the security implications of logistics management under the threat of domestic and global terrorism. It is anticipated that the work will display in-depth knowledge of the vulnerabilities of logistics systems and creativity in assessing the security competencies that could mitigate the risks. In a broader perspective, it is also expected that the work will demonstrate critical thinking, clarity of logic, and synthesis from previous course work in logistics in assessing the implications of implementing a security oriented culture as a central element of the business equation. source..
Supply Chain Management Security: Supply chain management security can be defined as the application of procedures, policies and technologies needed to protect the supply chain assets like the products, facilities, equipment, information and personnel. This protection is meant to be from theft, damage or terrorism. It also prevents the introduction of unauthorized contrabands, people or weapons of mass destruction into the supply chain (Sheffie 2001). Security oriented culture applied to the supply chain is of course good business in that it seeks to prevent supply chain assets from being the target of terrorism. It also prevents itself from being used as a method to facilitate terrorism through effective application of management procedures, policies and technologies. Supply chain protection does not stop at the point of securing facility through gates and locks, but extends further to protection of products and people. Therefore, it creates a continuous flow of information both internally and externally. It is as well a tool for preventing disruptions of supply chain operations. (Blanchard 2006). Due to interconnectedness of companies, products and transportation infrastructure in the global supply chains, there is concern that the disruptions may go beyond the individual firm and thus the need for broader supply chain defense framework. This helps in protecting the customers, the public and also the brand equity. The benefits of extending security issues beyond the individual firm then could be as follows: First loss of short term revenue which could have resulted from the customer delivery disruptions is prevented when terrorism is stopped. Brand equity is protected and thus preventing the perception by customers that the security failure was a result of neglect. Sale of equity investments is stopped when lead investors’ confidence is restored (Sheffie 2001). This also prevents unnecessary regulatory scrutinizes and as well prevents legal liabilities. Security also prevents the dissolution of the supply chain. It leads to increased automated handling of the imports by the company. The transit or otherwise the delivery time is also dropped drastica...
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