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history: The American Revolution (Essay Sample)

there is questions of the journal same as my last order ! i need u to write the answer as an essay ! i ordered 2 pages for 3 days ! which each one is deferent and sapreate .. ( for me 1 , and my fend 1 ) same answers in deferent 2 essays ! Background: In the text and the lecture, you will have reviewed several incidents that occur after the French-Indian War, such as the guerilla fighting around the British troops in Lexington and Concord, the burning of the Revenue Cutter (coast guard cutter) Gaspee, the Boston Tea Party, and other events where groups of people in the colonies used subversive tactics to damage the British economy and destabilize military peace and control in the colonies. Defending the towns of New England and perpetrating these attacks were citizens, not soldiers, that could be ready to fight "in a minute," should they needed. . Discussion Topic: After reviewing these events, discuss: Are the actions taken by American Colonists against British troops and industries in the colonies before and during the Revolution acts of terrorism? The British considered the colonists to be insurgents, similar to how Americans view roadside bombs and sneak attacks in Afghanistan and Iraq. If you think yes, then consider: does the fact that the United States was born out of such activity legitimize insurgency (terrorism) as a method for a weaker country to defend itself against a stronger one? Weigh your answer carefully, as random patriotic dogma is not going to do the job here! source..
Running Head: THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION The American Revolution Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Details: Date Submitted: Are Actions Taken by American Colonists in the Revolution acts of Terrorism? Britain had long provoked American resentment and this was to prove costly during the American revolution of 1775-1783. British forces were more experienced and had more trained soldiers than the American colonists, who consisted mainly of untrained civilians, desperately defending the integrity of their motherland. In this light, they faced a formidable opponent in Britain and had little or no options except to use guerilla tactics to immobilize British forces. Due to the fact that there was war going on, tactics used by American colonists, especially in the battle for Concord and Boston, can hardly be described as acts of terrorism, because in reality, no peace existed. Nevertheless, similar versions of destructions witnessed before the war begun, amount to insurgency, which is the equivalent of today’s definition of terrorism. Does the American Revolutionary War Tactics Legitimize Insurgency? What is insurgency? The Webster’s dictionary defines insurgency as an organized form of rebellion against a constituted government, through subve...
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