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Book Review/Critique, Opinion on the book The 911 Commission Report (Book Review Sample)

I need a book review on "The 911 Commission Report." Summary/critique and or opinion on your findings of the book under review. The only source is the book. I need someone that has read the book!!! Someone that is confident in history and politics and confident in his/her findings of what they thought of the book. I had started reading it but have no time. The teacher has read this cover to cover so please make sure you state facts under question and what they thought/felt and your opinion. source..

Review of 9/11 Commission Report
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Review of 9/11 commission report
A commission established on 27th November 2002 had the mandate of investigating and reporting on September 11 attacks. The commission reviewed volumes of sensitive documents and interviewed over 1200 individuals from ten countries. On completion of its task, a number of findings were presented before the house and to the public. The commission found out that FBI, CIA and the airport security were not up to their tasks. The commission linked the attacks to 15 Saudi Arabia nationals, an Egyptian, two United Arab Emirates nationals and a Lebanese. All the attackers were linked to Al-Qaeda terrorist organization. A further revelation of communication between the attackers and Iraqi /Iran governments` officials failed to give credible evidence of their involvement in the attacks (Chapter 7). The report heaped blames of attack on failure to tip military on time about these unfolding events.
On its recommendations, the team clarified that terrorism and insurgents cannot be defeated by numbers. Instead, US victory to terrorism and insurgents lies on combination elements of the national power. The elements here refer to intelligence, diplomacy, economic policies, public d...
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