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Protective Actions (Essay Sample)

Emergency planners need to consider many factors when issuing protective action recommendations. The three primary Protective Action Recommendations (PARs) are: evacuation, in-place protection, and expedient respiratory protection. Additionally, the principal issues related to PARs are hazard exposures, physical, and social vulnerabilities. You have been called upon by State and local representatives to assist in selecting and prioritizing the best PAR's for your area in the event of a possible terrorist attack. You do not know the nature of the terrorist attack, but should consider all options and vulnerabilities when developing your PARs. Remember, the choices made impact lives and entire communities. What would you recommend? source..
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Despite the measures taken by the emergency planners to counteract terrorism in the US, it is still blooming, especially in particular crowded places. This calls for the need to select and prioritize the best protective actions in relation to the nature of the terrorist attack, hazard exposures, physical and social vulnerabilities. The legitimacy of emergency planning must be attributed to the rule of law and protection of human rights
Terrorism is drastically spreading throughout the world, with the US as the number one terrorist target. Thanks to President Obama who has seen to Osama`s death. However, Osama`s impact may affect eternity if not counteracted.
That terrorism comes in many forms raises consideration on any expectation in terms of bioterrorism, transit terrorism, and nuclear terrorism. (Schweitzer et al, 2006) It is crucial to ensure that possible terrorist attacks are assessed and prioritized. . Transit terrorism majorly affects large crowds which need protection. Protective actions in relation to transport terrorism are somehow difficult due to inability to predict the form (Schweitzer et al, 2006). Transit terrorism may come in the form of vehicles used for explosives delivery, attacks on public transport vehicles with the passengers, transport facilities or infrastructure (Schweitzer et al, 2006).
Protective actions recommendations in relation to the various forms of terrorism include: improvement of security programs in terms of tracking and protecting the movement of people and goods; technological advancement in terms of detecting and protecting the vulnerable individuals against explosives, chemicals and other sophiscated weapons; development of regulations to monitor transportation of dangerous materials, the flow of information about the movement of the dangerous materials and handling of containers (Schweitzer et al, 2006).
Ensuring effective response by the vulnerable individuals in terms of training, equipping and improving capabilities of first responders, transportation system personnel and the public at large in th...
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