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Bioterrorism Act Food Regulations (Essay Sample)

From the two downloads write on something you learned this week from the readings. source..

According to the former American president food terrorism is the potentially most dangerous in the world. After 9/11 the U.S.A congress sought to increase their food security ad they formed several bodies to do so. In 2002 the bioterrorism Act was formed to ensure the safety of the American people. This act bids to control unintentional food contamination and the intentional ones too. The act saw to the establishment of centers such as center for disease control and prevention, which analyzes all kinds of outbreaks and researches on their prevention. This is just one among the bodies created to ensure that this kind of terrorism doesn`t occur.
The secretary for the department of health and human services stated that the food supplies were the most easily accessible. The attack of national food supplies would have adverse effects both socially and economically. The first effect would have been illness and death. This would in other cases but in this case it would have been so widespread that the health centers and personnel would not have had the ability to treat the cases. The death toll would worsen the situation depleting sanitary conditions.
This is illustrated by the provided document on ‘the attack` it shows how dangerous bioterrorism can be and how fast it can spread. The economic impact is also illustrated clearly; a sick worker doesn`t put out many results even under supervision. So when everyone is sick including those in charge no output is brought forward at all.
The danger of this kind of terrorism is further heightened by the extent of which it spreads before an alert is put out. After the effects before the counter agent is discovered it has further affected more people. This heightens a countries tension because of the pressure from the effects. Failure of skilled labor in this research can lead to more deaths and hence requires more expertise.
We can therefore conclude that thi...
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