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Guide Start: A Financial History Of The Organization’s Net Income (Essay Sample)


Task В: Explain the CBO’s sources of funding and areas of expenses. You may find information from annual reports or financial statements from your CBO and through the Guidestar website: https://www(dot)guidestar(dot)org


  •  Major Sources of Revenue: Consider the following sources of revenue and discuss which ones your CBO relies on and what percentage of total funding each represents:
  •  Does the organization charge for services? If so, describe the how pricing works (sliding scale, flat fee, by-the-hour, membership, etc.)
  •  Does the organization sell anything? The Goodwill, for example, sells products.
  •  Donations: Describe major sources of donations, including individual or corporate donations.
  •  Fundraising: Many CBO’s hold fundraisers that account for a significant amount of revenue. Describe the events and their profitability.
  •  Grants/government funding: Does the CBO
  •  Receive grants from local, state or federal government sources? Identify the agency or organization providing such grants and the purpose of the grants.
  •  Major Sources of Expenditure: Discuss where the organization spends its revenue and what percentage of total expenses each represents. Information available should allow you to determine:
  •  Salaries and benefits
  •  Fundraising expenses • Program expenses
  •  Administrative expenses: A key metric for CBO’s is the amount of administrative expenses incurred as a percent of total expenses. Determine this percentage for your CBO.Financial Trends: Discuss financial sustainability. Is the CBO financially stable, declining, or growing? The Guidestar website may provide a financial history of the organization’s net income year-over-year.

Guide Start
Guide Start
The organization gets their money from membership that they manage through the Foundation Membership Program. There are also grants that come from organizations who wish to support the work that Guide Star is doing in the industry. At the same time there is also the contributions that come from the members to the program to help the organization achieve its goals. According to the organization, more than one third of the revenues come from the membership fees, program-related grants and the contributions that are here above mentioned (GuideStar Report Generated For: Valley Animal Center, 2018). The other two thirds comes from the subscriptions as well as the license fees that the organization charges for the services that they offer. They are able to allow their users to benchmark several organizations, verify the status of their charitable activities, access information about getting compensation and the interpretation of the nonprofit financial information. With such information it is possible to tell which of the organization is worth donating to or even get the trend within the industry relative to a number of organizations.
Valley Animal Center is an organization that offers animals hope. It works to reduce the number of animals such as dogs that are on the streets by treating them and giving them new homes and more importantly taking care of their health as most of them are almost always ailing. According to the Guide Star generated date, Valley Animal Center gets much of the revenue from contributions as indicated in the2015 statement. The contributions were at $1,912,400. There is also the fact that the organization also takes part in events that earn it some money. According to the 2015 statement, the organization managed to collect an amount totaling to $50, 353 (GuideStar Report Generated For: Valley Animal Center, 2018).
The organization sells services to the customers such as getting their animals spay at low costs. This is an operation that has been around since the year 1997. The organization also offers neutering for each of the animals. This is under the low co

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