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The Animal Farm Project: A Role Of The Animals In A Future Society (Book Review Sample)


Write a statement expressing the theme of Animal Farm. List the key events or scenes (and Page numbers) that support your statement of the theme. 

Draw a map of the farm and mark the location of at least 5 events that occurred in the novel.

Why do the executions take place? What message do these events send to the animals about their role in a future society?


The Animal Farm Project
A4- One of the themes in animal farm is tyranny and the abuse of power, as Napoleon seeks to control the farm and even banished Snowball to avoid competition for power. Napoleon also allows the pigs to wield too much power and relies to Squealer to manipulate and cheat the other animals.
When voting Napoleon and Snowball were always at loggerheads during meetings as when one said one thing the other opposed that position, and the pigs had chosen the harness-room for themselves (Orwell 47).
Nine enormous dogs were sent to bite and even kill Snowball as Napoleon had manipulated the people to think that Snowball was a traitor (Orwell 64). Eliminating his rival meant that he would rule without anyone raising objection to his rule and tyranny and even argue against his rival’s claim to bring electricity and modernization to all the animals.
The hens were ordered to surrender their eggs, which would be traded to Mr. Whymper reneging on an agreement that animals were not to work closely with humans (Orwell81). Unlike the pigs the other animas all had to make sacrifices, while the pigs sleep comfortably allowing them to “think”.
B3- Map of the farm
Hen-house to the Harness room, then the Cowshed the farm and main house
The hen-houses are first mentioned in the first scene of the first chapter and the next scene is the harness-room, w

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