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Is It Better For Animals To Not Be Kept In Zoos (Essay Sample)


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Is it better for Animals to not be kept in Zoos?
The debate of either to keep animals in a zoo or let them wander in the natural habitat is a controversial issue. Notably, all the animals we see in zoos are wild animals. They were nobly designed to live in wild but natural habitats. Natural ecosystem provides the animals with freedom and lots of space to hunt and live naturally. The famously known tiger lives in a natural space of about 640 square miles. Now, confining the animal in a cage barely 30 feet by 30 feet not only stressful but it makes them unhappy. They are restricted from exploring their normal lives. The tiger cannot hunt its prey in a zoo. However, hunting in the natural environment forms a crucial part of life for wild animals like tigers and lions. Apparently, it better for Animals to not be kept in Zoos. In regards to this statement, the essay will support and justify why it is better for Animals not to be kept in zoos.[Jamieson, Dale. "Against zoos." Environmental Ethics: Readings in Theory and Application 5 (1985): 97-103.] [Wickins-Dražilová, Dita. "Zoo animal welfare." Journal of agricultural and environmental ethics 19, no. 1 (2006): 27-36.]
The initial idea for establishing zoos is the provision of entertainment to people. Zoos are also a sanctuary for the conservation of the endangered species of wild animals. The cage helps to stop wild animals from dying out in the wilderness. However, the underlying truth of this matter is that zoos do not offer conservation to the life of the wild animals. This is because the animals in the cage are regarded as entertainment creatures. They are not accorded their due respect to live their lives naturally in places where they were designed to live. Some wild animals like lions are even more stressed while being visited in the zoos for entertainment. The animals get worried because they perceive the presence of a human being in their niche as the greatest threat to their life. The essence of conversation in the caged animals is diminished because some animals are hunted from the wilderness where they should be left to graze and live freely.[Bostock, Stephen St C. Zoos and animal rights. Routledge, 2003.]
Just like a human being, wild animals have intergenerational bonds and connection. There is immense stress and boredom to animals whe

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