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Working or Not Working for Humans, Individual Animals, and Animal Species (Coursework Sample)


Follow the topic I give, then find three resources. One from Magazine articles, one from Newspaper articles, and one from Films. The resources is for the team work article and should follow the main topic I give you. And for each resources, I need a short brief for each one. For each resource, only need around 100 words. If you have any question, let me know. This homework due in 17 hours.


Analysis of Zoos: Working or Not Working for Humans, Individual Animals, and Animal Species
Ranganathan, Romesh. Zoos are prisons for animals – no one needs to see a depressed penguin in the flesh. March 2017. Web. 14 February 2018. .
According to The Guardian newspaper, zoos are animal prisons that subject animals to depression and that nobody should have thought of having zoos at all. A view of the zoos in relation to the individual animals depicts that the animals are subjected to miserable captivity where they have little freedom. The Guardian postulates that the rights of animals kept in zoos are infringed on from the animal rights point of view; there is no right to capture and confine animals. Being members of endangered species does guarantee captivity of animals
Zoos are used for educational and recreational purposes by human beings. Amid the infringed freedom of the animals, seeing the animals in person is thought to be more memorable. It is also thought that zoos are important places for educating the public as well as fostering the public’s appreciation for animals. Visits to the zoos have also been linked to tradition and family activities. In the human perspective, the zoos are pleasant and sources of entertainment.
The zoos are depicted as important places for the provision of desirable breeding environments for the endangered species. The endangered species are thought to be in safer environments in the zoos. Maintenance of the species, especially the endangered species, is also given a boost due to the standard provision of treatments of the animals.
Minsky, Howie. Making a Case for Zoos and Their Importance in the Wildlife Conservation Movement. 2018. Web. 14 February 2018. .
The Elite Personal Assistant magazine dated October 2017 denotes that zoos provide less free

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