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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Book Report (Book Report Sample)


Due: 1/30; Worth 50 points
Length: 1-2 Pages (Put it on your digital journal)
Examine how a theme manifests in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Use examples from the text to prove to us the theme exists. Explain what you think the author intends or what we might learn from the theme. Why is it there? What is the purpose of this theme in the book.


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Communications and Media
30 January 2018
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
The theme of the book is empathy, and the crux is where the metaphysical reflection of Dick depends on pertaining to life. The androids gather their ability to empathize just like how humans do whenever they are in a group.
Rick Deckard is a hunter who works with the police department of San Francisco and his role is to “retire” the androids that came from Mars and have reached Earth. Rick secretly owns a sheep, and his longing to own a real animal depends on his capacity to afford one. The bounty of $1000 is needed to own a live animal, but first he must retire a lot of androids to collect it. Rick knows that by owning an animal, he is going to learn empathy which is an emotion that human beings have a lot of.
The existence of the theme is obvious in this part of the story because humans do experience empathy, and it is not present anywhere else such as in androids. There is a lot to learn from the theme because those who do not recognize their own empathy have a difficult time connecting with someone who has different experiences. The author wants readers to have more empathy toward those who are suffering or eve

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