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Biology Research Assignment: Discovery Of Fermentation (Essay Sample)


Nearly all human societies have used fermentation to produce alcoholic beverages or to preserve food. Suggest at least one hypothesis that explains how we first discovered the process. Also briefly describe how you would go about actually testing your hypothesis.

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Discovery of Fermentation
Since fermentation typically occurs due to molds, yeast, or bacteria, or all of the above, it is very likely that fermentation was discovered in the wild by accident, just like most discoveries are. And because we owe many of our technologies from the Egyptians, I would look to Egypt to create a hypothesis of how this all began. Egyptians were known to be avid consumers of alcohol which they have fermented but they were also avid drinkers of mead which is fermented honey, far longer than they have been drinking alcohol. One of the most likely possibilities of how fermentation was discovered is through the ancient Egyptians’ effort to store honey.
Honey hunters have been created by the Egyptian royalties because honey proved to be of significant value since it is a highly caloric food. If a honey hunter goes out into the wild to collect honey, he would most likely take all that he can to prevent any honey from going to waste. These hunters usually carry animal skin in which they store drinking water. In order to be efficient, it is only logical to fill the animal skin to store more honey on the way back. As the honey mixes with th...
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