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Negative Influence From The Genetically Modified Organism To Human (Research Paper Sample)


It's a research paper about genetic modification. Because the teacher has required us to upload the related work plan and resource summary for this paper, so I already have chosen my topic and found the resources, I also mentioned how to use those resources on the paper

Topic: What is GMO and the positive or negative influence from the GMO to human.

Thesis Statement: According to the existing research, A GMO is actually harmless to human.

Purpose and Audience: The public seems have misunderstood to GMO, the meaning of this essay is that hope the public can understand what the GMO is, and the influence of GMO.


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Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs)
I. Introduction
GMOs are met with vast public opposition, and many individuals swear that GMOs contribute to ill-health, are poisonous, and damage the environment. Such claims are made based on some individuals' ridiculous fear of foods that are “unnatural” instead of “organic,” which I believe is a logical fallacy that conveys a saddening display of willful ignorance. Such claims are made despite substantial scientific evidence that confirms that GMOs are indeed safe for consumption and also bring environmental advantages by making agriculture increasingly sustainable. Despite these, discrepancies between what science tells us regarding GMOs, and what individuals think about it still vary. But according to existing research, GMOs are harmless to humans.
II. Discussion
First off, I will clarify what a “genetically modified organism” is. The phrase “genetically modified” is ominous and evokes terrifying images of scientists doing “the most” by fiddling with life's basic properties. However, all GMO refers to is a living organism that has been selectively bred (Newton, 2014). That is simply it. Farmers have purposely been genetically modifying their crops in aims of producing the most plentiful and healthiest yields for years upon years. If not for this advantageous procedure of selective breeding, our foods would not look as healthy or be as palatable as they are now. The underlying difference between past genetic modification and contemporary genetic modification is; utilizing modern technology; we can selectively breed organisms with more effectiveness. We are simply doing what has always been done, except better. In citation to an experiment conducted to see the influence of feeding GMO peas on the growth of animal models. The experiment, whose target was to verify that compared to a normal pea, a GMO pea would not influence animal weight or growth. After the experiment, the results affirmed that despite the high concentration, the GMO pea did not influence animal growth rate or cause health problems (Mares et al. 2014).
Every renowned science body internationally has reviewed various independent studies – in some instances numbering in the thousands – in arriving at the consensus conclusion that asserts that GMO crops are safe, even safer than organic or conventional crops. Researchers cannot find one credible example illustrating how GM foods pose harm to animals or humans. “The scientific examinations conducted thus far have not detected any hazards directly linked to the consumption of GM foods,” the scientists concluded (Mares et al. 2014).
Many European

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