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Western Scientific Paradigm, Medicine, and Cultural Diversity (Case Study Sample)

Your Task Read the following book chapter, and, after doing so, write a three-page paper summarizing and critiquing the Western scientific paradigm. You are encouraged to use additional web-based resources in developing your paper, which should addresses the questions that appear below: Note: This required reading is uploaded to the module as a presentation. On the top of this page, click on PRESENTATION to get the file. Jamison, A. (1994). Western science in perspective and the search for alternatives. In Salomon, J (Ed.), The uncertain quest: science, technology, and development. Tokyo, New York, Paris: United Nations University Press. 1. What is the Western scientific paradigm, and what are its implications for health care in the U.S.? 2. What are some the problems associated with applying this paradigm in a culturally diverse society, such as the U.S.? 3. What alternatives to the Western paradigm have been proposed, and how might these be applied to a specific cultural group? source..

Western Scientific Paradigm, Medicine, and Cultural Diversity
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Throughout the history of humanity, variations and development in theory, practice, and technology happen as people and the society continue to re-establish and reframe such matters for progress sake. People continually realize the need for change in perspective and approach as certain individuals and groups recognize the mishits of the past and the present practices. Science has been re-evaluated for many times considering shifts in ideological foundations and paradigms (see Kuhn, 1962). In the case of health and medicine, the apparent clashes of scientific ideas and new practices are present as different healing perspectives continue to arise. Most of the times however, the western line of thinking always marked as ‘superior` among the rest. Clearly, we see through studying history and politics how and why western science and philosophy reigns against the ‘alternative` forms and practices existing in the world society.
Reflecting upon the literatures criticizing the nature of science and technology, we realize that the scientific community and practice is neither neutral nor apolitical (Kuhn, 1962; Jamison, 1994; Star, 1995; Dickson, 1984). In addition, western science and ideology dominates the world society not only in the case of health and medicine but also with other social approaches namely, politics and economics. These aspects of western political influences affect many things along the process as people continue to see the said perspective to be the ‘best` approach among the rest. The eastern and other ‘alternative` ideas and practices, particularly in the world of health and medicine, are normally patterned to substandard levels and to some extent, to quackery. Consequently, the cultural and social aspects of healing processes are at times being abolished and compromised for the benefit of continually adoring the powers and influence of western science and medicinal practices.
The western scientific paradigm is known for its objectivity, experiment and proof-laden foundation, procedural and systematic approach, and strict application of rules and standards (see Bannister, 1987). Because of the agreed effectiveness and validity of the approach—and perhaps of the political and economic in...
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