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BHS414 Module3 SLP (Case Study Sample)

For Module 3, Continue with the process of constructing the 3 X 3 table that you drafted in Module 2. (Recall that this table reflects the crossing of the Cultural Empowerment and Relationships and Expectations domains of the PEN-3 Model.) For the current module, complete the second row of this table by identifying and listing positive enablers, existential enablers, and negative enablers that influence your target cultural group's behaviors with regard to the health problem that you, the health educator, identified in Module 1. (You will complete the last row of this table in Module 4.) DOMAINS Positive Existential Negative Perceptions X X X Enablers X X X Nurturers - Again, be sure to note the scholarly source(s) consulted in the course of identifying each of the items that you have listed in your table (i.e., provide a citation adjacent to each entry, and include a reference list with your completed table). For guidelines on in-text citations, visit the following web site: - Upload a completed draft of your table and citations to the SLP field in CourseNet at the conclusion of this module. SLP Assignment Expectations: Use the scholarly literature to identify positive, existential, and negative enablers among your target cultural group that may influence the problem health behavior that you have chosen to examine; use this information to complete the second row of your PEN-3 table; and provide a narrative explanation for perceptions that you have identified in your table. (An example is provided above.) source..
BHS414 Module3 SLP
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Enablers can be referred to as resources and institutional empowerment, social and economic position, wealth as a measure of resources and power and costs and accessibility of drugs for treating HIV. This article tries to explain the positive enablers towards the prevention of HIV pandemic in America as well as the existentialist enablers that have been observed. It also looks into the negative enablers towards the campaign against the pandemic
Positive Enablers Existentialist Enablers Negative Enablers
This refers to making the resources accessible to the people as well as at affordable rates towards the fight against HIV/AIDS. It also involves emphasis towards the preventive health decisions by governments and a government policy that is favorable towards the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs have been put up to help in the fight against the spread of the disease in America. One of these programs is the CDC HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs which provides leadership in helping control HIV/AIDS epidemic by working with the society, state and international organizatio...
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