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BHS427 Module 1 Case (Case Study Sample)

Module 01 - Case Assignment You have just been selected as the new Chief Executive Officer of OHC Medical Center, a 600-bed hospital in the suburbs of a city with a population of over 1.5 million. The former CEO, Ms. Andrews, was terminated because of her inability to engage in key managerial functions. Ms. Andrews was unable to effectively use financial information to assess the financial health of OHC and make decisions regarding current and future operations of OHC. At the request of the Board of Trustees, you have been scheduled to meet the organization's Chief Financial Officer and Accountant. They have provided the following financial information. Using the figures evaluate the financial health of OHC accurately. Provide the Board of Trustees with your conclusions about the financial health of the organization. Your discussion should include the state of the organization at the end of 2009 as well as a comparison of the years 2009 and 2010. Be sure to show all formulas and calculations used in your presentation. Relevant ratios should be applied and conclusions drawn. INCOME STATEMENT 2009 2010 Patient Revenues $62,005,000 $51,923,000 Deductions from Revenue $5,678,000 $6,703,000 Net Patient Revenue $56,327, 000 $45,220,000 Other operating Revenues $1,689,000 $4,350,000 Total revenues $58,016,000 $49,570,000 Salaries $13,620,000 $10,670,000 Other Expenses $7,026,000 $4,723,000 Total Expenses $20,646,000 $15,393,000 BALANCE SHEET 2009 2010 Assets - - Cash and Cash Equivalent $3,599,000 $1,605,000 Accounts Receivables $5,304,000 $7,603,000 Total Current Assets $8,903,000 $9,208,000 Other Assets $9,968,000 $12,654,000 Property, Plant and Equipment $25,579,000 $27,508,000 TOTAL ASSETS $44,450,000 $49,370,000 - n> - - Liabilities - - Accounts Payable $1,889,000 $1,234,000 Other Current Liabilities $4,010,000 $3,126,000 Total Current Liabilities $5,899,000 $4,360,000 Long-Term Debt $35,324,000 $28,292,000 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND DEBT $41,223,000 $32,652,000 Case assignment expectations: Use the information in the modular background readings as well as any resource you can find conducting research on the world wide web. Please be sure to cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of the paper. Length: 2-3 pages typed and single spaced. The following terms will be assessed in particular: 1. Your ability to apply ratio analysis to analyze the financial health of an organization. 2. Your understanding of the various components of a balance sheet and income statement. source..
BHS427 Module 1 Case Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (26, July, 2011) BHS427 Module 1 Case As requested by the board of trustees to look into the health of financial status of the OHS organization it is therefore important to use review basic financial ratios to bring about the performance of the company. Therefore, through careful analysis and comparison f these ratios, the financial health of the company will be brought in top right and the board of trustee will be able to come up with the required strategy to avert any discrepancies within the organization. Therefore, some of the ratios that will be used are as follows. Liquidity ratios The importance of these ratios is that it will show if the organization has any chance of survival with its status. The reason being, for the organization to survive it is required to meet its short terms obligations. That is, it is required to be able to pay its creditors and pay its short-term debts. Therefore, through calculation of the current ratio and quick where quick ratio include inventory while current ratio do not include it will be able to show at a glace the financial status of the organization. This can be judge with the ratio that will be gotten. If the quick rat...
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