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BHS365 Module 5 Case (Case Study Sample)

Tasks for Module 5: Suppose that you are a member of a five-person medical team deliberating on whether or not it would be ethical to perform the procedure. 1. If you could ask only two key questions of the life partner before discussing the matter with the team, what would they be? 2. In your own words, what do you feel is the one strongest ethical argument for the procedure, and the one strongest ethical argument against it? 3. Now imagine that you were the patient in the unfortunate position of being incapable of making a decision. What would you hope that the team weighed in on thoroughly before making their decision? source..
MEDICAL TEAM: ETHICAL ISSUES ON PERFORMING A PROCEDURE Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (9 June 2010) Medical Team: Ethical Issues on performing a Procedure Introduction A medical procedure is a process that is intended to achieve positive results when caring for the people with health problems. It determines or diagnoses the sick person’s condition. The common ones are therapeutic, surgical and rehabilitative procedures. Therapeutic procedures are intended to treat and cure thus restoring the health of the sick person. Surgical procedures include surgical operation, which is a process that involves incision of the body of a patient with instruments (Bello & Willis, 2000). Surgical procedures are performed in order to repair damaged body or arrest a disease that is developing in the body. The procedure carried out in this case is intended to achieve appositive result in the life of the sick person. Ethics The word Ethics means character, pattern of behavior of an individual or a group or self-discipline. Therefore, the accepted code of conduct or values within the society is referred as ethics. Medical ethics are the rules that medical practitioners adhere to on daily basis. The issues revolving around medical ethics are diverse. They include the interaction of the medical professionals with the external world and c...
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