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Administrative Issues - written Case Ananlysis (Case Study Sample)

My major is Health Administrative. I have to do WRITTEN CASE ANALYSIS for the course Administrative Issues. I have already the case, so I will send the case which is Ethics Incidents with the instructions and I will post sample of look at the format and content of the written case analysis. please read the instructions carefully. source..
1) Name
2) Case number, case title, and class date
3) Case summary: Ethical dilemmas in the work place are often questioned for their influence in professional decision-making. Administrative and clinical ethical incidents in health welfare institutions somewhat appear to be highly relevant thus prompting to have more recognition from its workers. Administrative ethics in have questioned the personality assessment of its employees with regards to positions, authority, equality of rights, and/or ethical management strategies. Clinical ethics, on the other hand, poses inquiries on professionalism and experience in the field of medicine, health issues, and the quality of service rendered upon those in need especially financial proportions are considered. These two classifications of ethical incidents are further explained through ten situations (five each sector) which will present specific and limited mode of action applicable for every circumstance.
4) Key facts/ factors of the case:
* In response to the first incident regarding abuse of power by manifesting a breach of appropriate relationship between the managers and staff, the director for ancillary departments at Healing Hands Rehabilitation, Annabeth Jackson is disturbed by the kind of workplace attitude of her two-year employee Frank Anderson.
* There have been noticeable increases in repeated admissions in the emergency department. This was contributory to overcrowding, delayed treatments, and general dissatisfaction of other patients. Furthermore, the financial reimbursements of the hospital are made bleary by patients supported by medical aids, as there had been an observed overuse of the services rendered in the emergency department.
* City-owned hospital juggles its administrative rights in servicing the needy in accordance to its not-for-profit status, and as manifestation of the institution`s benevolent responsibilities. There is a present clash between the ethical propositions on practicality focusing on patients enrolled in insurance privileges and on humanitarian propositions claiming that people in economically depressed areas also deserve to be given proper health services. The organizational philosophy in this institution is not well defined and therefore faces an indefinite clash of perspectives.
* The fourth incident on administrative ethics revolves on external influences that affect managerial decision-making. The matter includes "gifts" being given to the staff appearing to be an act of earning their favours. Such acts baffle staff members whether they might be breaking a policy and thus give a false notion of relationship towards customers.
* During a volunteered work by a working aspiring for promotion, she gets to be involved in a situation challenging her moral philosophy. A construction worker in a developing site under her jurisdiction performed a seemingly "necessary crime" with the motive of having the project done successfully. The co...
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