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Objective in Undertaking Graduate Studies: Special Interests and Plans (Personal Statement Sample)


PLease do not exceed over 500 words 
Please Indicate your purpose and objectives in undertaking graduate study, your special interests and plans, and your strengths and weakness in your chosen field. In reviewing applications considerable importance is placed on the applicants relevant experience as well as his or her interest in and commitment to advance study and professional development. 
I will attach 2 documents one document is something i wrote related to my work experience and reasons I want to get into the education field. 
The other document is a example of a admission essay that was written by someone else, it can be used as a model to write my essay. 
I am seeking my Masters of Science in the School of Education. The concentration will be in adolescent math. 
Make sure to examine files closely
this are my comments on the last paper
which was completely wrong for me
Revision REquest was:
The essay is too focused on children from poor families, i want the essay to be more about educating children overall instead of soley children from poor families. I also dont like the papragraph about me attte ding school at buffalo university, instead can you write about me being a math tutor and a realtionship i had with a child that motivated me to want to teach. I also worked at a facility called amherst community church where i was a teachers assistant. You can use real examples that have motivated me to choose this path.
Final Notes to Wrong Essay:
i ordered a paper and had it revised but it is still not good. I dont feel like it is a graduate level paper. Can i please request another writer
It is just not a paper of grad level. Its more of an undergraduate essay. I paid for an admission essay into grad school and this paper is not up to par
I submitted a paper that i wanted to use as a model and the paper i received is far from the model


Personal Statement
Personal statement
My life story revolves around a quote by one of America's greatest leader, Theodore Roosevelt. "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." This quote is what drives me, and I believe one does not need to wait for a particular occurrence to leave a mark on the life of a fellow human being. The chance to join teaching profession presents me with this opportunity. To make a difference in the life of young ones. I believe the teacher-student relationship should be interconnected, and the educator should provide warmth and compassion while attending to their educational needs. Single parents raise a good percentage of children, parents behind bars. These issues catalyze their need for care and love; we need to stand up for them and provide them with stability. At an adolescent level, this need cannot be over emphasized.
As an assistant teacher at Amherst community church I tutored a kid na...
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