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Admission Services: Commencement Letter Request Assignment (Personal Statement Sample)


I would like write a letter to attend commencement this summer. I don't know the reason. You can make up a reason. Additional, I have 107 credits now. I just finish 6 credits from S today and 4 credits from University of P couple week ago. I am request transcript. I will arrive to E college next week. Maybe wednesday. If you accept, I can screenshot the grade for you. I am taking International Business course at E and it will be done in June. The only course I need to finish is Capstone project. I registered already for this class and i will be done in August. I really hope I can attend the Commencement this summer
This is instruction of my adviser
Please include details of your final courses/exams and an estimated date that we can expect your official transcript (or if from E, final grade reports). Please also include why you wish to attend this year's Commencement exercises on July 8th, 2016, especially if you have any extenuating circumstances affecting the urgency of your request.


Commencement Letter
Institution of Affiliation
I am very glad for the opportunity to inform you about my academic prowess. Firstly, I finished my studies from college S and from University P. I have 107 credits. I received 6 credits from college S and 4 credits from University P. I have requested for the transcripts but I am experiencing some delays due to some administrative errors. The last time I went to carry out the clearance, I did not find the principal to stump my papers. However, I have written to the University to issue me with the fully stamped transcripts as they are very essential for my transfer to your institution. I estimate that I will have these transcripts by within the next one month, I shall have it by late June around 25th-29th.
I could like to commence the course in this summer because of several reasons. Firstly, as I have in...
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