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Academic integrity personal statement (Personal Statement Sample)

The essay orders as one essay but I need to have two essays. first essay is for answering questions but you have to read the reading things that are six readings. It has to have introduction, body, and conclusion. the answers should be placed in body paragraph. I will attach the questions and reading things. Second essay is final essay that is related to reading assignment. It also has to have introduction, body, and conclusion. I wil attach the essay instruction and if you have any questions please send me the message. Thank you so much. *Submission dates are same. **I think you should understand what my situation is so you can write easier. I got suspension from university because of cheating in the class quizzed and online tests. One of my friends helped me on my quizzes and we got caught. We were afraid so we didn't tell the truth so the school gave us suspension. I think you should know why the reading and assignments are related with misconduct. Also my writing is not good so I don't want you to use high-level vocabulary. I am an university student but as I told you my writing is not good as an international student. After this papers I have one more essay is related to this assignment to write and I will ask to you as well. Thank you again source..

Integrity refers to the absence of divisions in the ethical life of an individual. That is to say that there is no such a difference in the manner that he/she would judge various situations. Therefore the key issue in determining integrity is consistency. Time and time again people lose integrity by taking risks unconsciously or by simply believing on excuses. The academic integrity is committed to values such as honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. It is important in that the academic dishonesty affects the performance of the involved student, affects the class grade distribution, and undermines the tutors and the works of other students. Therefore the following points are in efforts to respond to the issues of the academic misconducts.
Is “business ethics” a contradiction in terms?
Business ethics is not a contradiction in terms. These are the values and codes of conduct that businesses adhere to. Failure to adhere to the business ethics by the employees of a company may lead to great losses. For example, managers who do not have a code of ethics may embezzle the company’s funds and the company may end up paying lump sum fines because of lying to customers. This character is developed right from school where students develop the habit of cheating and going round the systems like in the case of Henry.
Are there any values or virtues necessary free economies to flourish? How can they be fostered?
In order for the free economies to function well in the market values as well as virtues such as honesty, fairness, openness and trust are necessary. This is because no one likes being deceived or taken for granted. The best way to foster these virtues is through establishment of good business and government policies.
Are there common values among Americans? What are they?
Americans do share some ethical values. There is no one in America who likes being cheated on. Therefore it is a common value of honesty, trust and responsibility.
The Declaration of Independence refers to the “pursuit of happiness.” Should the word “pleasure” be substituted for “happiness”? Why/Why not? Explain your answer.
Pleasure cannot substitute happiness. Not in anyway. This is because happiness is experienced from the inside and it does not necessarily have to be experienced on the outside. However, the pleasure is the physical satisfaction of our desires. Therefore, replacing the word happiness with pleasure it would bring about a difference in meaning.
Agree or disagree with the following comment from a student found responsible for cheating. Be sure to explain your answer:
Q. Is engaging in cheating fair to honest students?
I disagree with this student who sees dishonest as a way of getting what one needs. Cheating be it on business or in school work is going against the values and virtues of that particular org...
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