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Mount Vernon City School Assistant: Ready to Be a Teacher (Personal Statement Sample)


I need help writing my admission essay for my graduate program in Education. Early Childhood Development to be specific. I need this essay to be more like a persuasive essay because my undergrad GPA is under a 3.0. I need to convince the admission team I an excellent candidate for the program. I went to the school for my undergrad but I wasn't not concerned about my grades. At the time I was 23 years old a single mom and just wanted a degree to make more money for my family. 
I want to explain in this essay that when I was in school for my undergraduate programs I was young and didn't realize the importance of education. I want to show that I have grown since I graduated with my bachelor's in Liberal Arts from the College of New Rochelle in 2012. I have taken a four year break and now I realize that the time is now to extend my education. I have 10 years working experience in the education feild.i work in the mount vernon city school district as an Teachers Assistant. I know the ins and outs of the education field and teaching. 
I also have references from principals of two top elementary schools in Mount Vernon, New York. 
I want the admission team to judge me from the person I am now and not from my GPA from four years ago. I want them to see that a person can grow and realize the importance of one's education. With my experience in the education field, my passion for children and my outgoing and friendly personality I should be the perfect candidate for there program.
(To bad I am just a horrible writer lol) 
If you need anymore information for my personal essay feel free to contact me

Personal Statement: Read to be a Teacher More than Ever
I would like get admission in your college for Early Child Development Education (ECDE). I have completed my high school education and my undergraduate education. My interest in ECDE dates back to my primary school years when I was always eager to understand the different stages of child development. I have been having the passion to understand the developmental stages of children and how to best teach them in accordance to their developmental stages. Moreover, I am always fascinated by the various the various educational models including Montessori, High Scope and Reggio Emilia. However, I do not fully understand what each teaching and educational model entails in terms of their key features, strengths and weaknesses, as well as their differences. Given a chance to study ECDE in your college, I will be in a better position to acquire knowledge and skills regarding the various teaching and education models.
I graduated with my bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts from the College of New Rochelle in the year 2012. Apart from my college education, I have been working in the education field for several years. Indeed, I have 10 years of working experience in this field. This has augmented my interest to become a professional teacher in Early Childhood Education (ECDE). By undertaking this progra...
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