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Letter from a Birmingham Jail Research Assignment (Term Paper Sample)


This articles can be found in the American Perspectives e-book.
Link e-book :
As you are reading these articles and writing your paper, you must be able to answer the following questions:
What is the article about?
What is the author trying to say or argue?
What are your views on the topic or subject of the article you have chosen to read and write about?
These papers must be at least three pages or more in length. Your paper should be typed and double spaced, and you must use a Times New Roman font of 12. There should also be a title page and one-inch margins should be utilized through out the paper. I also do not want to see any quotes or quotations of any kind. One-inch margins should be utilized throughout each paper.


Letter from a Birmingham Jail
Martin Luther King Junior's rise to national prominence as a leader a spokesperson and a civil right leader gave him the opportunity to make a difference in his community. Martin Luther is remembered to have held a peaceful demonstration in Birmingham, Alabama to protest against racial discrimination. People questioned his motive and strategy he used (McGraughy 606). The article presents Martin Luther' response justifying his action in Birmingham.
The letter is an example of non-violent means he used to fight discrimination during this period. Martin Luther King Junior wrote a letter addressing the clergymen, encouraging them not to give up the fight against racial discrimination (McGraughy 606). The letter was also a response to his critics who thought his action was unwise and untimely. In his letter, Martin categorically stated that the non-violent direct action program was necessary and justifiable using several examples (McGraughy 606).
The article presents several reasons why Marin Luther King Junior led the protest in Birmingham using an example of the Apostle Paul, who left Tarsus to spread the word of God in Graeco-roman world. He believed that he was compelled to carry the gospel of freedom like Paul (McGraughy 607). He emphasized that his conscious could not permit him to turn a blind eye to what was going on in Alabama while he was sitting idle in Atlanta. For him any injustice anywhere was a threat to justice everywhere. Whatever affected the African Americans directly, affected other African Americans indirectly (McGraughy 607).
He believed that the white structures in the city of Birmingham left the Negro community with no alternative. The letter highlighted what it entails to conduct a non-violent campaign using the four steps. The first one being co

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