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Did The English Conduct Of The War In France Really Live Up To Their Chivalric Ideals? (Essay Sample)


Answer the following question:
Did the English conduct of the war in France really live up to their chivalric ideals?
The essay should start by emphasizing the importance of chivalric ideals to King Edward III and the men who came to his court and followed him to war. Then the essay has to turn to the way the English actually fought the war, e. g. their reliance on chevauchées and their desire to profit materially from the war.

Did the English Conduct of the War in France really live up to their Chivalric Ideals?
Chivalry during the Reign of King Edward III
It was in the middle ages when different groups wanted to increase power and control. It was in this medieval society that the ideology of Chivalry evolved. The concepts of Chivalry during the era of King Edward III were founded on three bases; Germanic, Greco-Roman and Biblical influences. The idea of integrating religion into chivalry was to shed off war and fights. The other aspect of chivalry was the courteous aspect. This incorporated nobility and noble births. The aspects of chivalry as seen shifting into benefiting acts to King Edward III and his court or war followers.
The importance of chivalry is seen in King Edward's tournaments (Lawson, 2004). During the last two reigns of King Edward III predecessors, tournaments had been banned. The banning of the tournaments had become associated with a nobility that was rebellious and weak kings. King Edward used these tournaments to influence nobility. He also used them so that he could not associate himself with the weak kings. It was an institution that he performed so well and thus the glorification of chivalry.
The other important aspect of chivalry in the reign of King Edward III was the Order of Garter establishment. The order was very helpful in his political stability. Through the order, King Edward III could establish alliances with the nobility. These alliance offered support during the war. At this time, chivalry played as the measure of nobility. King Edward III could place those who followed him in the war in this order. The fact that one was in the order showed nobility and thus their glorification. King Edward III formed allies abroad....
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