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A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier (Term Paper Sample)

from the book "A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier by Joseph Plumb" Describe Joseph Plumb Martin's military career. Why did he enlist in the Continental Army? What kind of training did he receive? Which major battles and campaigns did he take part in? Did he receive any wounds or injuries? What was his attitude to the Officers who commanded him? How did he feel about having served in the Continental Army? source..
Student`s Name: Professor`s Name: Course: Date: Joseph Plumb Martin`s military career Joseph Plumb Martin was born in 1760 in a humble family and so at a tender age of seven, he moved to live with his grandfather who was an affluent man as noted by (ThorsHammer, Anarchist Cookbook: History paper). He served as a soldier in the American Revolutionary War and he later wrote a memoir of his military career in a book ‘A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier` which has been published in several editions by different authors. In his account, he writes of the adventures, suffering and dangers of working as a Revolutionary soldier. Joseph Plumb Martin started his military career at the age of fifteen in 1776; a year after the revolutionary war broke out as written by (Martin, 7). He was so passionate to participate in the revolutionary war for the love of his country. Consequently, (Martin, 7) notes that he joined the militia of Connecticut State for a six months period where he served at various battles. When the six months stint was over, Martins declined to reenlist in the army but after four months of careful considerations, he enlisted in the 8th Connecticut Regiment of the Continental Army where he served during the entire war period until 1783 as noted by (ThorsHammer). He passed away on 2nd, May 1850. (Martins, 8) writes that though discipline was an important requirement in the victory in the revolutionary war, he laments that there was no training offered for the young men enlisted into the militia where Joseph Plumb started his military career. (Martin, 10) notes that, immediately after Martins was enlisted in 1776, they were deployed to give defense to the New York City in summer. He writes the army had no experience and had received no drilling. The troop consisted of young men from poor background who were forced to enlist though Martins had joined voluntarily. Following the defeat on the long Island, the inexperienced soldiers or what he calls as raw soldiers (Martin, 15) were given the responsibility of defending the Kip`s Bay which was seen as the likely landing ground in Manhattan. He describes the area as a ditch that had been dug along a river and the soil thrown into the river to conceal the ditch. Martins explains that when the British warship approached with about 4000 men, their officers advised them to retreat as the inexperienced troop could not withstand the approaching British army (Martin, 30). They lost in this war and though Martins blames it on their lack of training on war, he is disillusioned by the officers who were commanding his team. He describes that they l...
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