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With Electric Pace Car, NASCAR puts pedal down on green efforts (Washington Post Sports) (Term Paper Sample)

For this assignment you will be writing a rebuttal argument, locate an essay or opinion piece in a major newspaper (New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal) or magazine (The Atlantic Monthly,, Colorlines Magazine). Most of these publications can be found online. Find a piece expressing an opinion you disagree with, and write a response to it, arguing for a different point of view or a different solution to a problem than the one proposed by the writer. This paper should be 4-5 pages. Must include a variety of at least four outside sources and use MLA style citation, both in-text and in a works cited page. One of these sources should be the opinion piece or essay that you're responding to. You should include at least one visual element (a photo or a graph or something else). source..
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Article: With Electric Pace Car, NASCAR puts pedal down on green efforts (Washington Post Sports)
Summary of Article
The trademark of NASCAR is the loud engine sounds that come from the race cars that go round the race tracks during the tournaments it holds. These cars are touted to consume a gallon of gasoline for every five miles they go. When the Elite Sprint cup is held, over 135,000 gallons of fuel is burnt by the racing vehicles (Helber 1).
In a world where the trend is to go green, NASCAR risked going into oblivion if it refused to dance to the same tune. In line with this, an environmental initiative was launched by NASCAR. The name of this program is NASCAR green. Since its inception, it has been pushing for sensitivity when it comes to dealing with the environment. To prove their seriousness towards environmental stewardship, NASCAR recently unveiled an electric pace car that has been manufactured by Ford motors. This car will lead 43 stock cars to the green flag.
The car is an all-electric Ford Focus is going to be sold in 16 pre-selected Markets and its retail price will be just under 40,000 Dollars. Mike Lynch, NASCAR’s Managing Director for Green Innovation said that virtually everybody in the United States knows a thing or two about going green. He also went on to say that this move will indeed show that NASCAR is accommodative of green solutions.
This is Ford’s first carbon-free passenger car. It seats five people and has a virtually silent engine. This car is touted as being friendly as it displays images of butterflies when it is driven gently. That is gentle acceleration and braking which helps to conserve power in its 600 pound battery (Helber 3).
Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1Electric Ford Escort
This essay aims to argue that there is no significant environmental benefit of electric cars as an alternative to gasoline powered vehicles. As part of their environmental friendliness program, NASCAR has decided to use an electric car as its pace car so as to show the public that they are committed to green practices. It is true that electric cars do not produce any carbon-based gases. However, the claim that they are a sustainable alternative to their gas-powered counterparts is flawed since there is no significant scientific backing on the environmentally friendly tag that is often attached to them.
Electric vehicles increase the burden on the electricity grid. The electricity is generated in some cases, through the combustion of coal, a fossil fuel just like petrol or diesel. In areas where the electric power is derived from coal. An increased demand for electric power in these areas will automatically lead to an increased demand for coal. By using electric cars, people will merely be exchanging one carbon-based fuel for another. As much as their cars are not contributing carbon t...
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