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International Business (Term Paper Sample)

You are to write a paper about a company that you are now the president and CEO. This company is currently a US based company, but you've been hired to expand it internationally. The company produces a wide array of consumer goods, such as: soaps, toothpaste, detergents, shaving creams, and other household products. The company has done well domestically, but the Board of directors believes that new revenue opportunities exist in foreign markets. You must determine what international market(s) you will seek to introduce your products in. Will you manufacture the product(s) there? Or will you seek out some type of arrangement with a foreign company. What kind of arrangement will you have? remenber FDI How will you structure your efforts abroad after choosing the market(s) that you are entering? Wil you have managers from your headquarters sent abroad? Or will you seek to work with consultants, or hire managers from the market(s) you are entering? How about the employees needed to produce the good, what benefits will you derive from them? If you decide to produce the goods abroad, and do it alone, will you seek governmental assistance? If so, what kind? How will you market the product(s)? What marketing programs will you use to introduce your product(s) to your new market(s)? Remember there are cultural issues to understand. And Finally, what are you going to charge for the product (s)? What's the price going to be and why? To answer You must tell me about the new market(s) economic conditions. And how you plan to exploit them. source..
International Business
When the business plan to expand and join international market, research has to be to ensure that, the right country is chosen for this expansion. Very many factors are put into consideration especially the one that will affect the business directly and indirectly. Factors such as political stabilities, availability of the raw materials, availability of labor and its cost among other should put into place first before starting any business.
Market determination
For the cosmetic company that I as the Chief Executive Officer like to expand abroad would be based first in intensive research. Before predetermining the country it will be situated, a survey will be conducted in the selected potential market. With the availability of the form of technology such as the internet, the company is planning to research on the potential area and the unexploited market and take it advantage. The company will visit the chamber of commerce and get the information regarding the kind of the business that it is engaging in. the main things it will mostly check on is the how the government embrace the investors in the country and the satisfaction they have with their business. The company will also check on their competitors and the market share they are enjoying currently. The factor of availability of the raw materials in each country will be compared. The labor source, its availability and cost will be compared (Johnson & Colin pg 244)
This will lead to narrowing down of the selected country to a fewer number. The few selected countries will be visited to ensure that the survey is done on the ground. This will be to establish the taste and preference of the customers. It will also help to know the best country to expand the cosmetic business depending on the issue of the market. The survey will also help interact with the marketers in each country and thus help in laying firm market strategy. The survey will be conducted by use of questionnaires and interviews. This will be well organized to ensure that the right picture of the market is established. The place of the survey will be revisited and sensitization of the participant done to ensure that they fully participate in the survey.
The country that favors the establishment of the business will be selected among the others. The site where the business will be established and the legal process will be followed to the letter. Legal documents will be obtained from the relevant authority in accordance to the compliance of the government order and regulation of the country. Charges of the document will be established and fully paid in preparation of opening the business (Ricks, pg 65).
Before official opening of the business, some important questions will require to be answered. The first on is the question of the cost of outsourcing services from a foreign company or manufacturing for our own. The second...
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