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Knowing your job demands (Term Paper Sample)

Hello, Please make a term paper for the following topic “Know the job” demands Please make sure to include as maximum and important information about it. source..

Running head: Knowing your job demands
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Knowing job demand is usually based on an organizational culture which refers the values, expectations, attitudes and behavioral norms that are universal across the members of an organization. Knowing an organizational culture is important in order to set up a sense of identity for the organizational members; this is because it facilitates the creation of comfort and familiarization with the organizational goals and objectives. Organizational culture also plays an important role in the establishment of status quo and facilitating role interaction, organizational communication and maintaining stability in the organizational processes (Hill & Jones, 2007). Knowing job demand in an organizational culture is reinforced using avenues like ceremonies, language and symbols. Symbols entail the use mission and vision statements and company slogans to serve as guidelines for the members.
Organizational structure on the other hand is defined by the existing pattern of relationships within the functional units of the organization. Structure comprises of integration, differentiation, nature of hierarchical relationships and the administrative systems of the organization (Hill & Jones, 2007). The association that exists between the organizational structure and its environment is important due to the fact that an organization is perceived as an open system that relies on its environment for the required support. This means that complex environments increases the level of differentiation within the organization, and that organizations are shifting away from a structure that is rigid to more adaptive and flexible structures (Hill & Jones, 2007). Individuals and the organizational culture and structure are integrated together to facilitate the achievement of the organizational goals and mission. Isolation of one another significantly impedes the achievement of the goals and mission for the organization.
Motivation refers to the driving force that compels individuals towards the achievement of their goals. There are diverse models that can be used to achieve individual motivation within the organization. The different theories of motivation do not converge to a uniform conclusion. It is important to evaluate the relationship between the motivational theories and understand their application and performance within the workplace and the job demands to an individual. According to Fredrick Winslow Taylor, workers are solely motivated by pay, and put forward a theory of scientific management that claimed that individuals do not enjoy undertaking their tasks and they therefore need close monitoring and control (Hill & Jones, 2007). This implies that individuals should divide the production process onto small jobs. In addition, workers are supposed to be allocated the required training and tools in order to increase their efficiency in their specified tasks. It is also important that ...
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