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Neuroses in the plays Waste Land by Eliot and Endgame by Samuel Beckett (Term Paper Sample)

Directions: 1. The above prompts are broad. Within the perimeter of these prompts, find a narrowly focused topic and come up with a single claim for your thesis statement. Your claim should be arguable, not merely a truism or obvious element of the reading under consideration. As you write your extended thesis, include in it the claim and the major points which will be the arguments through which to develop and prove your claim. 2. Conduct an extensive textual analysis. Make minimal use of direct quotations, though. 3. Conduct a library research. Include at least two books and at least two research articles as secondary sources. 4. Write your thesis statement in the first paragraph. Underline your thesis statement. Begin each subsequent paragraph with a topic sentence, unless a paragraph continues a thought from the previous paragraph, in which case a transitional word or phrase will suffice. 5. Write an appropriate conclusion. Re-visit your thesis and re-cap in the final paragraph. 6. Add a Works Cited page in the MLA style. TextBook : The Longman Anthology of English Literature. Volume two. 4th ed. 2010 Norton, 2006 Century. The Twentieth Century: The neurosis of the age 1. 1925-1932 T.S. Eliot: \\\"The Waste Land\\\" 2298-2310 2. Becket: Endgame 2579 sources: 2 books and 2 research articles source..
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Neuroses in the plays ‘Waste Land’ by Eliot and ‘Endgame’ by Samuel Beckett
Thesis Statement
Neurosis is defined as a functional disorder in which a person develops a feeling of anxiety; obsess ional thoughts, compulsive acts and physical complaints without substantive evidence of the disease. This disorder goes ahead to dominate the personality of a person. The person thus becomes unable to adjust to the conditions which require him to adjust.
A neurotic person may show signs of anxiety, fear, suspecting that someone will do something strange to them.
In the plays ‘Waste Land’ and ‘Endgame’, there are various types of neuroses. For instance, in the play ‘Waste land’ some of the neuroses include lack of faith, lack of communication and fear of death. In the play ‘Endgame’ some of the neuroses covered includes existentialism and lack of unwillingness to know.
This article tries to examine the themes of ‘Lack of faith’ in the play ‘Waste Land’ and ‘Existentialism’ in the play ‘Endgame’. The article gives an insight into how the characters in the plays exhibited these themes and gives an explanation of the behavior of the characters.
In the play ‘Endgame’, existentialism is seen as neurosis on the behavior of the characters in the play. Existentialism is a mental attitude where a person does not want to examine more about what is taking place around him. This is neurosis because the person is afraid of what will happen if he goes deeper and knew what he is supposed to know. The characters in the play are therefore considered to be neurotic. The main theme that invokes neurosis in the behavior of characters in the play is existentialism. The recurrent nature of characters in the play is reflective of the endgame of a chess match, where players are just relaxed waiting for the end – which can be end of life (Cole, p. 56). The characters are simply going through a routine which repeats itself. It is the repetition of the routines of characters that contributes to the theme of existentialism in the play. The characters live in a confined place where there is less exposure to the outside world. This is an indication that they are afraid to go to the outside world and explore the contents of the world and the people who live there. They have allowed everything to be the way they are.
The actions of characters in the play reveal boredom, absurd, alienation, nothingness and death. These themes are revealed in the actions of characters ad their dialogue.
Hamm is a character who is unable to see and cannot stand and is affected by ailments resulting from old age. He keeps asking Clov if the time for his painkiller has reached. Clov walks uncomfortably around the small room waiting for Hamm to call him. The two characters are also isolated. This makes us believe that for these characters, everyday is just lik...
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