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The fiery God of fever hurls down on the city oedipus (Term Paper Sample)

Please find the attachment, read it carefully please. __ Recourse: The Norton Anthology of World Literature, Shorter Second Edition, Volume 1 (ISBN 9780393933024), 2009. source..
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Oedipus and Hamlet
The fiery god of fever hurls down/ on the city" oedipus, lines 34-35
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark - Hamlet 1.4.91
Both the Oedipus the king and Hamlet are dramas of crisis. In each drama, the hero is confronted with a problem that is both personal and political - that threatens both the self and the state. In your paper, discus these persona;-political crises, how the heores approach the problems, why they suceed or fail and try to make an arguments based on what you think each author is saying about the connection between the personal and the political.
Oedipus the king
Summary of the poem
This poem is also known as Oedipus Rex and was first performed in 429 BCE. Over the centuries, the poem has come to be known by many as the Greek tragedy par excellence. Most of the things that constitute the play takes place between the opening scene of the play. This is a very common phenomena for several other climatic drama. In his youth, Laius was a guest of King Pelops of Elis and became the tutor of Chrysippus who was the youngest of the king`s sons in chariot racing. However, he violated the sacred laws of hospitality by abducting and raping Chrsippus who according to some versions killed himself in shame. This casts a doom over Laius and his descendants.
In the play, the protagonist of the tragedy is the son of the king Laius and Queen Jocasta. After Laius had learnt that he is doomed to perish by the hands of his own son, he decided to bind the feet of the infant Oedipus and then ordered his wife to kill Oedipus. However, the wife was hesitant to perform the act and instead decided to order one of her workers to do the act for her. The servant on the other hand, took the infant to the mountain top so as to die from exposure. On the mountain top, a shepherf gets the infant and instead rescues him and names him Oedipus meaning swollen feet. The shepherd then takes the infant to Corinth where he is raised by King Polybus as he was his own child.
While at Corinth, Oedipus learns that he is not the biological son of the King of Corinth. He therefore questions the King and the Queen but they both deny. He is not satisfied by the answers and still remains suspicious. He therefore asks the Delpic oracle who repetedly ignores the question but instead tell him that he is bound to mate with his own mother and shed the blood of his own sire. Oedipus is desprate to avoid the occurrence of the foretold stories. He therefore lives Corinth with a belief that the King and the Queen of Corinth are his true parents. On his way to Tebes, he meets his true father, Laius and then unkowingly quarell over whose Chariot has the right of way. King Laius tried to strike Oedipus but instead Oedipus removed him from the Chariot, threw him down and then killed him. He kills all of them except one man. He fulfilled the prophecy unknowingly. Oe...
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