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Joy Of Life And The Young Ladies Of Avignon by Picasso (Term Paper Sample)


"Joy of Life" by matisse,1905
Write about the drawing "joy of life", which is compared with "the young ladies of avignon" by Picasso in the second half of the article
Write down their similarities and differences (including the author, the style of drawing, the details of the painting, etc.)
topic statement-what you willl talk about-descripition-research information-comparison-conclusion


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The visual arts are means of expressing emotions, opinions, and feelings through media such as drawing, painting, and photography. On the other side performance and arts are methods of conveying emotions, feelings, and opinions through performances such as public speech and music. The current usage of visual art involves decorative arts, crafts, and fine art. In performance arts artists use their voice and bodies to relay their creative expression. The medium used in the visual art is inanimate while the media used in performance art are animate. A stage play involves both visual art and performing art. This paper evaluates the similarities and differences between ‘Joy of life' and ‘The young ladies of Avignon'.
Both Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso are regarded as legends of the art. Picasso was born on 25th of October 1881 in Spain while Matisse was born on 31st December 1869 in France. However, they later met in Paris in their early days. Even though they didn't know each other originally, they grew up becoming great friends (D.K Simonton, 231-237). During their time they both contributed greatly to art development and were considered among the most influential and the greatest art designers of the twentieth century. Both Picasso and Matisse were pioneers of artistic styles, and they also influenced the artistic styles that were used during their time.
The young ladies of Avignon is one of the greatest works of Pablo Picasso and this work is recognized all over the world. This particular piece is considered one of the most eminent, notable and prestigious composition that instituted Cubism in all movements of art. On the other side, Henri Matisse rejected Cubism even after taking interests in it (D.K Simonton, 231-237). Instead, Matisse sought the use of color as the beginning of eloquent, attractive and often exceptional paintings. Matisse had stated that he aimed to create art that would mollify, sooth and influence the mind of the audience. Matisse is globally recognized for his Fauvism style.
Both Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso have used women in their arts. The two artistic works have different themes. ‘The Joy of Life' by Matisse depicts the sense of celebration. For example, one woman uses flowers to braid her hair and couples are seen cuddling in the corner. Also, the nymphs provide a sexual atmosphere as they luxuriate jointly naked in the forest. On the other side, ‘The Young Ladies of Avignon' by Picasso creates sexual anxiety to the audiences (Ulger, 73-87). This art reflected back to the traditional values of Picasso's era and the middle-class society of that time who opted for sexual freedom.
Another notable difference between the two artists is their style of drawing. Picasso presents his d

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