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Understanding movies - why we fight (Term Paper Sample)

I am taking a art class called UNDERSTANDING MOVIES. I have to write a term paper on any film. I have to write about the sound and the editing on the film. I also need a bibliographic page. Any film would be good for me source..
Understanding movies-‘why we fight’
What is a film?
A film can also be called a movie and it is a series of moving or still images. Its production involves use of cameras to record photographic images or generating images by use of animation techniques or image effects. They can be referred to as cultural artifacts which are established by specific cultures and they function to reflect the cultures. However, they are used as a form of entertainment and education. Films also act as a source of employment to those who are involved in their editing and production. In addition, films are also used as propaganda for instance, the films that were made in Nazi government and the US war films that were produced during the Second World War (Owczarski 80). They also function in political protest. For a film to be complete there must be a crew who takes part in the production or during the photography. There is also the cast which includes the actors who are in front of the camera and they provide voices for the characters that are in the film.
There are many reasons why people watch films. One is that people watch films to be entertained and relieve stress. In movies, there are funny scenes which contribute to relaxing of the mind. People cheer up when they watch movies and because movies are watched after day’s work, they help people to relax from the normal activities. There are many themes that are in movies and some of the themes are educative and this is the major reason why a film is regarded differently by various people. A film may be good to one person and bad to the other according to how one perceives the theme that is portrayed. There is also motivation and inspiration that is derived from films.
The film- ‘why we fight’
This is a series of seven films of war that contains information to train and they were commissioned by the government of the United States during the Second World War. Their main purpose was to emphasize to the American soldiers the main reason for participating in the Second World War. However, these movies were later shown to the other members of the public to encourage and convince them to support America participation in the war. These films were directed by Frank Capra and they had a difficult task of convincing the nation to take part in the war and became ally with the Soviet Union. In addition, they were edited by William Hornbeck. However, the movies were the first in history of the United States and they acted to show the army the purpose of the fight and the principles behind it. They were made aware that they had a chance to contribute to their country and help in attaining freedom (Rollins 15).
On the other hand, Capra main focus was to create a basic and powerful idea that would go far and bring other ideas that were related to the war. According to him, he had the belief that the truth will be the one to set them free. Ho...
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