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VCC340: Monsters! Final Paper Assignment Write a research paper (7 pages in 12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced and with standard margins and spacing, not including footnotes) that performs a close formal analysis of a visual representation of a monster, taken from a movie, that answers the prompt below. Papers should incorporate this analysis into a well-developed argument with a clear thesis and detailed evidence supporting all claims. They must also engage in a substantive way with at least two scholarly sources, at least one of which must come from outside the assigned readings for the course. Avoid generalizations and opinions and make sure to proofread your work——style, clarity, and good grammar count. Also, consult a style manual to ensure that you use correct citation style for either MLA or Chicago style——this will count as part of your grade too. The argument itself should answer the following prompt, so read it carefully and in full: How do the stylistic details of this representation of a monster (e.g. camera movement, editing, set design, camera angle, film stock, etc) contribute to an understanding of the monstrous as a particular example of \"deviation\" from conventional or \"normal\" forms or a \"breakdown\" of traditional categories——aesthetic, spatial, cultural, and/or biological? How does the style of this image——or the use of a stylistic motif across several images in one text——reflect on the notion that the category of the monstrous represents a threat to traditional forms and categories? And what implications does that hold for our understanding of this representation and of the category of the monstrous? p.s Please do not choose the following movies to write since we have already watched in class: The Elephant Man/ Frankenstein/ The Munsters/ Nosferatu/ Bram Stoker's Dracula/ The Addams Family/ Trouble Every Day/ Jennifer's Body/ I Walked with a Zombie/ Body Snatchers/ Dawn of the Dead/ Land of the Dead/ The Fly/ Poison/ Alien 3/ Cowboys & Aliens/ Dexter/ The Dark Knight/ Zombieland/ Exquisite Corpse/ source..
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This research paper represents formal analysis of a visual representation of a monster taken from Pan’s Labyrinth (2006). It implies a creepily-named pale man with an anemic look. Instead of the eyes in his head, the monster has palms of his hands which acted as the eyes. Pan’s labyrinth is a 2006 movie written and directed by Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. It was later produced and distributed by Esperanto Films a Mexican film company.
The movie takes center stage in Spain in 1944 years after the Spanish civil war. Pan’s labyrinths’ idea for this movie came from Guillermo Del Toros notebooks in which he had filled his plot bits, ideas, drawings and doodles. The film uses complex animatronics and makeup and at the same time computer generated imagery is employed in its effect.
Stylistic details of Pan Labyrinth film
Major themes
As he was setting up his monstrous movie, Guillermo listed down his main themes. They were as follows; that in order to experience a full and self-discovery then rebellion is necessary. For instance in this case, Ofelia escapes her underworld kingdom to discover a life above. He adds that imagination is a crucial part of the human nature. That whatever will consume us is that dark hunger for power. Moreover, in order to explore one‘s imagination, one has to expose his individuality. Imagination is a way of escaping reality and the challenges. The camera movement, editing, set design, camera angle can be used to bring put the imaginations of the film into a reality.
Camera movement.
The lighting in this film setup has various meanings. For instance there is the warm lighting in Ofelia’s bedroom which allows her to pick a sleeping draught with which she would use to drug the captain. The warm lighting contrasts with the cold blue lighting outside her room which shows the captain as he executes two captives. The same lighting can be used in the different scenes of the film to portray a different message. In this case, the same cold blue lighting is used when an insect in Ofelia’s book takes a fairy form. There are two forms of lighting in this film that take a crucial, center stage. These lightings include the warm lighting and the blue lighting. In order to bring out the concept of the night time world, the blue lightning is used. This lighting acts as a warning to the viewers of the dangers that Ofelia is likely to face. A well lit bathroom represents a place of fantasy and safety for Ofelia. The imaginary creature she has an encounter with or the generic faun constitutes of a bark and teeth symbolizing the Spaniard land fauns are the untamed woodland spirits composed of half human and half goat.
Pans labyrinth (2006) is a blend film of fantasy with horror, a woven drama mixed with imagination, mystery and suspense. The first introduction is about a young princess Moanna who escapes her kingdom underwo...
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