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Music in middle Ages and Renaissance (Term Paper Sample)

Term paper of 10 pages a topic including a music analysis of a peice, connect it with art. The book that is used for the subject is called Music An Appreciation by Roger Kamien. I expect top of the notch college level writing, no grammatical mistakes. If failed to acheive I will not accept the essay and i will ask for my money back. something famous peice from tchaikovsky please. source..
Music History
Music in middle Ages and Renaissance
Generally speaking, music has a long history and it is asserted by various theories that it came into being or existed even before the existence of mankind. According to historiographers, there are six notable periods that contributes to what music it is today. These periods include medieval/middle ages where music was characterized by the beginning of musical notation together with polyphony (Kamien 21). At this time, music styles were only of two types, polyphonic and monophonic.
A second period was renaissance which mean rebirth. During this time a lot of changes did take place in terms of music creation and how it was being perceived. The third period is derived from an Italian word baracco and was coined to baroque which mean bizarre (Kamien 41). It was during this era that those who composed music did experiment music with form, style as well as a variety of instruments, this period saw to it the coming to use of opera and instrumental music which gained popularity.
The classical period ranged between 1750 and 1820. Music during this era was characterized by melodies that were simpler as well as simple forms for instance the sonatas. Piano was the basic instrument that was used in composing music in this period. The period between 1800 and 1900 has been defined by historiographers as romantic era. Music developed in this era was solemnly used to reach the audience with a story or expressing once idea. This was attained by use of a number of instrument including wind instruments. It is worth noting that melodies were deemed to be full and full of drama. Lastly, the 20th centaury is an era in music that innovation came to play leading to appreciation of music. Technology use enhanced music composition and artist were more daring to experiment (Kamien 234).
Middle Ages are a period between 450 and 1450. Among the events that make us recall this period include the first crusade in 1066, Black Death that took place between 1347 and 1352, execution of Joan of Arch by English in 1431. In 455 Rome was sacked by Vandals. This was a period mainly faced with wars and mass human migration (Kamien 371). Additionally, the time was characterized by very strong class distinction which includes nobility, peasantry and clergy. In terms of architecture, this period was made up of Romanesque in the earlier period and gothic in later period. Concerning visual arts, iconic or symbolic and not realism were stressed. It is also in this time that technological innovation saw a lot of progress.
The time line for renaissance a period deemed to span between 1450 to 1600 is characterized by Guttenberg Bible in 1456, Columbus reaching America in 1492, Leonardo da Vinci: Mona Lisa 1503, Michelangelo: David 1504, Raphael: school of Athens in 1517, Shakespeare with Romeo and Juliet in 1596 (Kamien 328). Renaissance is characterized by rebirth of human ...
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