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Visual & Performing Arts Assignment: Matisse Art Piece Blue Nude (Term Paper Sample)


Introduce about the writer first, and find a specific detail example, and some short example. like "Blue Nude" this painting and which other painting influenced it. How "Blue Nude" impacted the rest works from Matisse. Write an detail cases surrounding by "Blue Nude".


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Visual & Performing Arts (Matisse Art Piece "Blue Nude").
Henri Matisse is one of the renowned French artists who had an overwhelming number of art pieces. One of the aspects that contributed much to his expertise was the skill to use both colors alongside his fluid and original draughtsman ship. He did several artworks, for example, art designing, printmaking, and a making-of sculptors. Although most of the people knew Matisse as a painter. One day, as he was working on a sculpture, he reclined and accidentally damaged one of his pieces. Before he repaired the broken piece, he painted the piece blue contrary to a background made of palm fronds. This specific piece was after that called the Blue nude piece. The Blue nude was hard and angular in shape. The Blue Nude is an art piece made by Henri Matisse, which showed a naked woman resting with one of her legs over the other leg. In the pose, her arm bent against her head. Matisse used strokes of paintings on the piece, which looked like they were sketches. The reason behind the argument is that one can see the procedure used to apply the paint on the canvas through a close naked-eye look. Besides, the blue nude art piece had conspicuous places that one could see the shading in the thoracic section of the woman. The painting also had murky lines around the thighs and face section. The essay introduces the French artist Henri Matisse and his work the "Blue Nude" painting in details as the painting influenced Matisse's artwork quite significantly.
The biography of Henri Matisse's is quite intriguing. One of the main aspects that makes the life and biography of Matisse quite intriguing is that he used the less words in either speech or written formats to communicate his ideas to people. Examples to support the above argument are seen through most of his artworks and pieces in the ancient decades. One can argue out that the renowned French artist was self-expressed in most of his works. As seen through art pieces such as the Blue Nude, he was able to express the thoughts and ideas in his brains to the respective art audience that would view his artwork. The Blue Nude piece arose controversies that made art critics want to know more about Henri Matisse the French artist. Based on the above reasons, one can argue out that the Blue Nude played a crucial role in the art life of Henri Matisse. Matisse also made use of as a style of art in his work. Fauvism was a prominent style that started at the early 1900s. The style made significant use of colors in artworks to ensure that the art pieces were quite appealing. Besides, the effectual use of colors and art expertise plays a crucial role in ensuring that art pieces are appealing in nature. Matisse was fond of using bright and expressive colors in his paintings, which played a crucial role to ensure that his work was peculiar and distinct in nature as compared to other artists.

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