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Chinese Education System: Competition In The Job Market (Speech Presentation Sample)


You must have a minimum of three (2) reliable sources outside of your own knowledge on your subject. Cite sources, when appropriate, in the text of your speech.
The aid must be designed and used according to the guidelines discussed in class.
You are to include at least two different forms of support in your speech. The following are examples of different types of support: statistics, testimony, narrative, reports, and anecdotes.
The following items must be noted on your preparation outline:
​a. Structure being used (i.e., topical, spatial, etc. See note on next page.)
​b. When audio-visual aids will be used and what they are.
​c. Internal citations with attached works cited page.


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Chinese Education System

Greetings ladies and gentlemen. It is true that education has become significantly important in our lives today. China is among the most progressive countries in economic as well as in business development. It has the largest education system in the world. Education in China focuses on preparing children to confidently compete in the job market. In China, education is controlled by the government, with less involvement of private providers. The school sector is increasingly decentralized. The government has the responsibility to monitor and ensure delivery of school education. In China, the education system is divided into three categories. Children enroll kindergarten for three years and primary school takes six or seven years. Secondary education has both junior and senior for a minimum of six years. Higher education may take several years. Higher education empowers the students to excel in their professionals (OECD 9). Every child is entitled to nine years of schooling. Local education authorities run the kindergarten and primary schools. Parent experience a competitive admission process in both the international schools and public schools in China. Moreover, China has a reputable education system in the world which is also challenging and competitive.

In China, children enroll in pre-school and study for about three years. They later join the primary school at the age of six years, especially of those living in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities. Usually, the type of education offered in China ranges from pre-primary classes and regular playschools in undeveloped areas in the region to high standard pre-schools. The systems engage children in co-curricular activities such as clubs and games groups to complement their pre-primary school education. Some children join primary level at age of seven, while others one year early. Tutors instruct children in music, art, and society. Additionally, some schools give their learners language classes when they are nearly finishing the primary level. Children join secondary school between the age of 12 year and 17 years. Mostly, public schools have both junior secondary and senior secondary, taking three years each. Students can make a choice whether to join a senior secondary, vocational school or a secondary professional school after they have completed junior secondary. At the secondary level, students are prepared for higher education. Students are prepared for their final examination in nine subjects

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