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Speech Presentation on Topic I Believe in Myself (Speech Presentation Sample)


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I Believe in Myself
Since the time I started understanding myself, I felt a lot of confidence that helped me achieve anything I dreamt of. As early as 3 years, I remember repairing a toy car my friend had broken. When I joined school, my teachers had a lot of trust in me. They always believed in me achieving anything and handling any assignment. By the time I was completing elementary and junior school, many people were coming to me for help whenever we were assigned difficult assignments. I felt that I could achieve anything by trying. I am so grateful that in my early school years, I had very supportive and understanding teachers. Even though some were stricter than others, they always advised me to develop the will of accomplishing anything by trying. I therefore realized the need of identifying and conquering my weaknesses in order to achieve my goals.
With the support of my parents, I have been able to set very challenging goals. There are times I feel that I am overwhelming or overstretching myself. However, even when I fail in some of my planned achievements, I learn from my failures this make me stronger and enable me set even higher goals. As I work on an almost impossible goals, I am convinced that I am identifying my opportunities, which might be once in a lifetime and thus have to take advantage of them before they are gone. It is also clear to me that nobody will identify my available opportunities apart from me. This means that I need to work extra hard relying on feedbacks from friends and family members to be better in life (Kirkbride 97). Once my weaknesses are identified, I take the opportunity to work on them.
Even though I rely on my friends and family members to rate my performance, I do not feel offended. I know that not all people who rate me mean good because others might be jealous of my performance and hard work. I therefore analyze feedbacks received to identify any reasons behind the feedback. This helps in ensuring that I know exactly what to work on and why.There are also times in which my extra efforts are not taken well by my peers. This happens especially when working on a team and some team members feel that I am trying to please the team leader. This does not put me down because I believe that I should never give up in order to overcome all ex

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