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Deconstruction Criticism in Critical Approaches to Literature (Speech Presentation Sample)


Your book club has asked you to present on how critical theory helps to understand literature. Your audience is like-minded adult learners who want to know more about how to analyze a piece of literature.
The literature used for this assignment will be Edith Wharton's Age of Innocence and you will use deconstruction theory to present it.
Your lesson plan should be for a 45-minute presentation. It will contain the following parts. It should be submitted as a Word document providing the following sections.
Learning Objectives (5 points): Note the objectives you want your students/audience to be able to do/understand after seeing your presentation. You should have at least 3 but no more than 5.
Introduction of Theory (10 points): Summarize the theory you have chosen and give brief examples of why it is important for the students/audience to know. (See modules for examples of brief applications. If you quote or paraphrase information from the modules, you must properly cite that information.)
Introduction of literary work (5 points). Present a brief overview of the literary work. The audience would have read the work prior to class.
Vocabulary (10 points): List relevant vocabulary and terminology, including at least ten definitions. You can use words relevant to the theory and literary analysis. For example, if you are using a poem, you may want to include imagery if that term is needed for the students/audience to complete the exercise. (If you use the module/link definitions, please paraphrase. Do not use direct quotes.)
Theory Activity (25 points): The introduction to the activity should take around 10 minutes. The activity should take around 15-20 minutes. Explain the activity in detail using the PPT (as described below). Your activity should engage the students/audience to while allowing them to apply the theory to the text that you have chosen. You can write out the activity in steps (which will help you to develop the PPT). If any special materials will be needed for the activity, please note them here. Allow time for the students/audience to share their work with the rest of the class. If it helps, break down the activity into timed portions.
Follow-up Questions (5 points): The follow-up portion of the activity should take around 10 minutes. Construct 5 follow-up questions to ask of the students/audience after the activity. The questions should help the students/audience understand what they just did. Provide sample answers of your own in case you may need them.


Deconstruction Criticism in Critical Approaches to Literature
Learning Objectives
1 The learners will be able to know on how to develop, write and present an argument efficiently. They should be able to learn the various ways through which they can write grammatically and syntactically correct sentences while developing their thesis and organizing their ideas logically.
2 Learners will have an understanding of the basic methods that are used in comparative literary studies and the principles guiding the deconstruction theory in literary studies and how to use critical theory in analyzing pieces of literature.
3 Learners will learn and appreciate the cultural differences that are mirrored in artistic and literary work and how they originate from the different national and geographical settings of a literary work.
4 Students will become familiar with the wide range of literary terms and categories that relate to literary history and the figurative language that is used in literature. It will be demonstrated by the ability of learners to grasp and synthesize ideas as they are used.
Deconstruction Theory
Deconstruction theory refers as applied in literary criticism relates to a statement that is more of a paradox. The theory assumes that the discourse, even though in a historical narrative is mostly disguised in the form of self-revelatory messages. Given that the text is subjective, therefore, it has no fixed meaning, and when one reads, you are then prone to misread it. Deconstruction theory would serve as a manifestation of the existing anxieties about presence and absence, reality, and the disappearance and it can be developed through structuralism with an emphasis on semantics and symboli...
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