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A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O'Connor (Speech Presentation Sample)

Oral Presentation Assignment: Find two different critical articles in either JSTOR or the Literature Resource Center that analyze A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery O'Connor. The articles should not be on the same topic. No Web-based resources may be used. You must go to CCCC web page and access the Library link. Here is how you get to the CCCC web page to access the library. Go to Look for the word Library and click on it. The next page look on the Right Column and click on Online Resources. The next page scroll down and you will see JSTOR and Literature Resource Center. Click visit this site. The Literature Resource Center You will need a password, that password is centralccc YOU CAN NOT! CAN NOT! USE ANY OTHER SOURCES BESIDES WHAT IS IN EITHER JSTOR OR LITERATURE RESOURCE CENTER. Your presentation should include: - A short summary of each article - Your critical response to the articles. Responses may include things you learned from the articles, as well a assessments of the articles' effectiveness or validity. Difficulty is not a valid argument. It is your job as presenter to make sure you understand the articles you read and summarize. Presentations must be from 3-5 minutes long. Presentations that are shorter than 3 minutes will be penalized. In order to allow enough time for everyone to present, speeches that run longer than six minutes will be cut off. General Guidelines for Oral Presentations - Develop an outline from which to speak. You cannot just speak as ideas come to you. Your speech must be organized in such a way that the listeners can tell you have prepared and can easily follow what you are saying. This outline should be typed and submitted to me before you present. - You must provide me with a Works Cited page that correctly lists the two articles you have chosen for youi speech. Your Works Cited page must be formatted according to the seventh edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. - If you merely read your notes, you will earn a failing grade. Be sure use an engaging tone of voice. - Start with a complete introduction, which should include an attention-getter and a main point. You should not say things like "My speech topic is..." or "Now I will discuss..." as your main point. Your main point should blend naturally into you speech. - End your speech with a suitable conclusion, which should summarize your main point(s) and provide a clincher source..
Name: Instructor: Subject: Date: Flannery O'Connor's validation of the unreasonable in "A Good Man Is Hard to Find" The author, Flannery O`Conner, had implied throughout the short story that the "good man" being referred to is the character of ‘the misfit`. This had caused debate and speculation to critics, who argue that the claim is implausible. Instead, they suggest that the other characters of the story; Bailey, and Sammy, are more deserving of the title of ‘good man`. Another interpretation promotes the idea that there is no actual good man in the story, as goodness is non-existent in the modern world. This creates an irrational paradox for which many interpretations about the good man`s identity come to surface. The final scene of the story has three distinct segments clouded with mystery. In the first phase, we see the Misfit swallowed in a sense of self pity, which obscures his ability to see himself. Thus, his own self identity remains a mystery to him. The second phase is darker and more terrifying. The grandmother tries to reason with the misfit in this scene, only to realize that she doesn`t actually mean what she is saying. The Misfit too, picks up in her lack of sincerity, noting how she is willing to say anything for the sake of her own life. This only increases his contempt; and the grandmother, knowing that he had seen through her ruse, and is unable to speak further. In the final scene, the grandmother acknowledges that she too, is a sinner. But at that point, there is no hope for her, as the misfit shoots her anyway. In death, she was said to have been smiling to a cloudless sky, apparently having found peace by removing her condescending attitude to reveal her true self. The misfit on the other hand, remained prideful and arrogant. However, a hint of his vulnerable nature can be glimpsed by the way he had taken off his glasses after killing the grandmother. His glasses hold a metaphorical meaning which had prohibited him from looking past the surface to the deeper meaning of things. After the killing, further signs of weakness are...
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