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Turkish Culture (Speech Presentation Sample)

I want you to use a simple words. It\'s informative speaking. I need you to do this order: -Intro: attention getter. credibility statement. preview. -body 1: I will talk about history of turkey. -body 2: I will talk about food. -body 3: I will talk about some cities such as Izmir or Istanbul. -conclusion: summary. reverse back to attention getter. Another thing I want you to do: 3 sources: works cited. in text. oral:who, when, where, qualifications. Also some evidence: one statistic. example. testimony. You will find a file of my level in writing an outline Thank you source..
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Turkish Culture
Turkey is an attractive place because of its rich history and historical significance, as well as its world-renowned cuisine. There is a lot about Turkey that makes it an appealing country.
Turkish architecture began to take unique shape in the fourteenth century in Bursa. Arabesque features and other Muslim aspects influenced it heavily. This made it a very rich cultural architecture. There is persistent evidence that the church of Hagia Sophia influenced the design of many mosques in Turkey (Stoneman, 2011). The Ottoman Empire was riddled with architectural influences from the byzantine, Mediterranean, and Iranian architecture. There is a unique manner in which the Ottoman architecture described spaces by achieving a perfect harmony between interior and exterior spaces. In essence, the appeal of Ottoman architecture lay in its ability to fuse different aspects of space and religion. The mosques got a hitherto unheralded transformation into works of art as well as worship. The massive structures they built were accentuated with huge domes that reflected a mastery of architecture (Stoneman, 2011). The fact that Turks used to live in dome-shaped tents in their indigenous homes in central Asia determined the choice of dome shaped structures as an architectural aspect.
Kebab is a food item that dates back to the time that nomadic Turks grilled meat over camping fire. The Kebab involves a skewer that has alternate rings of meat skewered on it and roasted. In this essence, it is popular as a nationwide dish. Vegetables, as well as grains, constit...
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