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Influence Of "Independence" Movement In Latin America & Asia (Speech Presentation Sample)


Write a speech about the influence of "independence" movement in Latin America and Asia. (Only need to write influence) You can use any info from the internet that you need. The speech does not exceed two minutes.


Influence Of "Independence" Movement In Latin America & Asia

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For years, we've been thought that the Independence movements in Latin America have been fully complete. This, I believe is true in almost every sense possible. We cannot contest the fact that our comrades in the southern hemisphere have regained their sovereignty and defined their identities within their own borders. As of today, the freedom from the once oppressive forces has made them a significant player in the world economy, a major influencer of the global culture, and a powerful ally in international politics. However, I must contest that while this is true, how we phrase the statement does not do any justice to some of the advantages that colonialization brought to this free world

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