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Discuss How The Character Does Or Does Not Exemplify Christ-Like Traits (Essay Sample)


Choose a character from the movie, Freedom Writers, and:
(1) write 2 paragraphs in which you
(2) discuss how the character does or does not exemplify Christ-like traits,
(3) providing two specific references.
In your paragraphs, include references to conscience, freedom, law (rules, guidelines), and intention.


Freedom Writers Movie
Freedom Writers Movie
In the movie, Erin Gruwell illustrates an important trait of patience that was possessed by Christ. Christ faced resistance from the Pharisees who were against his teachings since they observed their traditions and regulations very loyally. Despite all the resistance, he was patient with the resisting groups of people because He believed that He would be able to reach out to them and help them understand and accept the message. He taught them what was right in the eyes of God and disregarded the self-righteous nature of man. The character of Erin in the movie faced similar resistance from her students and some of the teachers, especially Margaret Campbell, whose regulations were against provision of resources for the students (

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