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Freedom Writers: Providing Two Specific References (Essay Sample)


Choose a character from the movie, Freedom Writers, and:
(1) write 2 paragraphs in which you
(2) discuss how the character does or does not exemplify Christ-like traits,
(3) providing two specific references.
In your paragraphs, include references to conscience, freedom, law (rules, guidelines), and intention.
Submit through Google Classroom by 11:59pm Thursday, February 15, 2018.


Freedom Writers
Freedom writers
Jesus came to the earth to save those who were lost; he died to save people from their sins. The same character of Jesus has been exemplified in the movie freedom writer where the lead protagonist Gruwell is employed in a school where her students did not expect success and were seemingly destined to fail. Gruwell is employed to teach English and Literature and she decides to focus on changing the lives of the students instead of only teaching the subject she was assigned to (“Freedom writers' true story”, 2018). The work focuses on how Gruwell's character symbolizes the traits of Jesus Christ.
First Jesus came to save those who were poor in spirit. He died for the sinners so that they would be cleansed and become good people (Zahniser, 2017). He suffered a lot in his mission of converting the lives of sinners. Similarly,

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