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Management Dealing with Difficult Employees (Speech Presentation Sample)


This is a group presentation of the Ted Talk type of the Principle of Management class. The group presentation topic is Management dealing with difficult employees. Each team member needs to speak a separate topic-related part. Members are required to pay attention to: Our topic is Dealing with Difficult Employees. Please keep in mind another group is doing Conflict so we have to stay clear of Conflict! Need to write two pages of speech and then do a page of the story board (attached). In order not to conflict with other team members and other group content. I suggest that writers can write about the differences between China and the United States in dealing with this issue because of cultural differences, or there are other better themes.


First Member
Spoken Text
Every manager will attest to the difficulty of having to deal with difficult employees. Unfortunately for managers, dealing with difficult employees is part of their job.
A difficult employee makes the environment around them toxic. They do not work with other people well and never seem to finish or do what is expected of them.
For managers, such an employee can cause a lot of problems and even spread their negative energy to other employees.
It is thus crucial for managers to deal with this negative energy before it gets to toxic levels and here are the ways through which managers can deal with difficult employees.
Written Text
All managers in the world have to deal with difficult employees. This is an inevitable part of every manager’s life. There is always one person or employee who makes life difficult for not only the manager but also other employees. This employee either does not perform well, never gets along with others, or never seem to do what is expected of them. As a manager, difficult employees make life hard, and it takes a lot of energy from everyone in the company to cope with the negativity. It is possible as a manager to spend a lot of time trying to change a person because one sees their value. However, these employees continually destroy all that is built or what the manager is building towards. As a manager, therefore, it is crucial that one finds a way to deal with difficult employees. It does present a challenge but here are appropriate ways for managers to deal with difficult employees.
Second Member
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Listening is often ignored by a lot of managers. However, it is one of the most effective strategies in an organization setup.
When a manager starts to listen, it becomes possible to get to the root of a problem. It is possible that a difficult employee is facing personal issues and is only acting out while at work. So, listening gives one perspective.
Written Text
When employees start acting differently, it is possible that they could be having or undergoing

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