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The 9/11: What Happened? Who Led the Attack? (Speech Presentation Sample)


It's time to take what you've learned from all of your prior presentations and add an element of research to create your Informative Speech. You have to be cautious when choosing an Informative topic, as it's easy to confuse the Informative Speech and a Persuasive Speech as the same thing. However an Informative Speech JUST provides information. The most basic informative speech is the kind that teaches us (much in the way the Demonstration Speech taught us) something detailed about a topic with which we are already familiar. For instance, we know George Washington was our first President, but a lot of people don't know much about his life prior to the military or serving in office. That would make for an interesting Informative Speech.

With an informative Speech, you'll want to establish credibility by referencing and citing your materials. For example: "In the July 13, 2007 edition of the New York Times, John Smith said that George Washington suffered from depression as a young boy." It is critical that you discuss where you found your information in order to maintain your credibility.

A few parameters:

1. Your speech should be 5-10 minutes in length.
2. Feel free to incorporate visual aids. This is not mandatory, but it makes for a better presentation, as we learned last week.
3. Cite a minimum of two different sources for your materials. Do NOT use Wikipedia as a source. Please copy and paste these sources into the ‘comments' area when submitting or submit as a paper. I will evaluate your sources.
4. Be sure to have a good introduction, a body that contains at least three main points (with appropriate supporting evidence) and a conclusion that appropriately wraps everything up.


Informative Speech: The 9/11
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Informative Speech: The 9/11
What Happened?
The year 2001 remains entrenched in the books of history of the Americans. It is a day that threatened the security of one of the superpower countries in the world. The majority of students in schools today must have been not more than ten years of age at the time. They may not have had a clue at the time on what was happening and have only got to understand it better through reading.
Who Led the Attack?
The terrorist group Al Qaeda had conducted is an elaborate strategic plan aimed at bringing instability to America. At that time, the sitting president was George Bush who had taken a stern stand against the emerging terror group (Lyon, 2015). The bombing of The World Center trade was viewed as retaliatory move aimed at threatening the security and stability of America. The mastermind of the attack was their ring leader at the time, Osama Bin Laden. The motivation of the attack is believed to be the hard line taken by the United States against extremist groups throughout the world. Al Qaeda, which practices extremist Islam, that has always had the perception that America and other Western W

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