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An Inquiry On How Alan Moore Shows Heroism In The Watchmen (Research Proposal Sample)


Write a brief document explaining your research inquiry and how you propose to research. This should include an explanation of your method and a description of your aims. Assignment has to demonstrate an original, innovative course of research directly connected to a meaningful and unexpected critical inquiry.
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An Inquiry on how Alan Moore shows heroism in the Watchmen
Graphic novels of the current generation are common in schools and students have the super-heroic mindset in their learning environment. Most of the students have benefitted a lot from the cinematic X-men, Batman, Avengers and Spider-Man. However, students fail to identify a world of super-heroic in these graphic novels. Therefore, comedians and film makers especially for the graphic novels center themes on main characters especially the protagonists and villains to show heroism theme in an entertaining way (Ryder 1).
“Watchmen” by Alan Moore is an influential graphic novel that centers on a superhero genre giving detailed literary value of graphic novels. The novel is entertaining with numerous quotes in an attempt to locate the places of superheroes. Comedian dies at the beginning of the story and the investigation on his death commences. The Keene Act of 1977 is a challenge to the masked superheroes that have no government approval. Therefore, people like Rorschach are working illegally since they are yet to get sanction from the government. The unclear circumstance of work and collaboration between Daniel Dreiberg and Rorschach is difficult to comprehend even though they were heroes at the Nite Owl. The Graphic novel “Watchmen” gives complexity in locating heroes hence the current research purposes to examine the different ways that Alan Moore uses to show superheroes in the novel (Moore 10).
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