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Korean Culture (Essay #2) (Research Proposal Sample)


will complete a proposal for your research paper. This proposal will include your topic, your thesis statement, and an annotated bibliography. The purpose for this proposal is to receive approval from me about your research topic. Use a variety of sources. Include books, magazines, and Internet articles. Do not use Wikipedia or other encyclopedias. Have at least three sources. This is just for the annotated bibliography. In your paper, you will need five to seven sources. it also needs a work cited page

Topic: Korean culture
Even though, North and South Korea have different political philosophies, the two countries situated in the Korean Peninsula share the same cultural heritage. Differences mainly emerged after the split of the two countries, and adoption of different political systems.
Thesis Statement: this essay explores aspects of Korean culture, influences and distinctiveness, while highlighting on influences from areas surrounding the Korean Peninsula and distinct features of Korean culture.
Annotated bibliography
Kohls, L R. Learning to Think Korean: A Guide to Living and Working in Korea. Yarmouth, ME [u.a.: Intercultural Press [u.a., 2001. Print.
Korea has its own distinct culture, but the Chinese influence has had a huge impact on the Korean Peninsular. Korea has the second longest civilization in East Asia after the Chinese, with the Koreas having received Chinese culture between the first and the fourth century (Kohls 2). The author also highlights on influence of the Chinese through literature, written style of ideographs, while the religious beliefs of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism have dominated Korea in different times. Kohls seeks to explore contemporary cultural patterns in Korea for those seeking to work in South Korea, but the author provides background information on the history of Korean culture for t...
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